Transit District Asks: What Do You Think?

How’re we doin’?

The Westport Transit District wants to know.

This morning, officials unveiled a survey for Westport residents, Saugatuck and Greens Farms train riders, and commuter shuttle users.

The goal is to understand evolving transportation preferences, including:

  • Measuring satisfaction levels with WTD services
  • Measuring awareness of WTD options
  • Eliciting input on potential new services, and
  • Measuring the perceived importance of WTD offerings.

An email from 1st Selectman Jim Marpe invited residents to participate in the survey. Postcards with links to the survey have been distributed to shuttle riders, by drivers.

Take the bus to the train? What do you think?

Two years ago, a similar survey drew over 1,400 responses.

Need an incentive to fill out the survey? The Naan and Rizzuto restaurants are offering $100 gift certificates, to 2 respondents picked at random.

To take the survey, click here. For more information, click here or call WTD director Marty Fox: 917-612-6982.

7 responses to “Transit District Asks: What Do You Think?

  1. Get ready for more cuts from the State of CT to funding items for Westport. $4.5 BILLION biennial budget deficit starting July 1 2019.

    • Hi Bart-

      Nice lead off to a transit question!! So please allow a followup comment.

      On a national level the Republicans cut taxes on the rich, blew up the deficit and then cut services for the rest of us to deal with that deficit- including potentially pre existing medical conditions, medicare and social security.

      On a state level- not open to debate is that most of the state’s deficit was brought to us by Republican governors and legislatures. Gov Malloy and Rep Steinberg didn’t make matters worse- but that is open to debate. So to deal with the deficit CT Republicans propose cutting taxes on the most wealthy, blowup the deficit and cut services and the promised (but unfunded) pensions for folks who were stupid enough to teach our kids and plow our roads for 35 years!!

      Hmmm- am I missing something.

      • Michael Calise

        Yea. you are! Partisan politics will not solve our problems. There are bad guys on both sides of the isle. More importantly we can not continue to offer a vast array of benefits and services to those taking advantage of the system. The transit district is a good example. It first put private enterprise services out of business and then proceeded to carry riders who paid a fraction of the per rider cost to operate. with its humongous gas gobbling buses it is outmoded and unnecessary. Much smaller and more efficient transit solutions on call for those in need is a much more viable and sensible option. First, of course, as in most of our problems we need to break up the bureaucracy that is first concerned with their survival and less concerned with their reason for being.

      • Steve, Democrats have controlled the CT House for the past 25-years and the Senate for 23 of the past 25-years. You’re comment is very much open to debate.

  2. Please fill this out or there so we can keep the busses

  3. Please fill it out transit is important in the town off wesport