Pic Of The Day #547

Amazingly, the sun was out this morning at Compo Beach.

(Photos/Amy Schneider)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #547

  1. That is a fantastic photo of the cannons at sunrise. That one gets the best picture of the year award.

  2. Deirdre Doran


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  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh …. hell yeah!

    These are perfect!

    Could have easily been the views I’ve experienced as a tot in 1970’s at Compo (give or take a few changes, of course).

    The cannons are suspended in time, it seems.

  4. Amy takes amazingly beautiful pix! Love to be able to see our town’s beauty through her “lens”…

  5. Gorgeous photo that also captured a rare occurrence…..the sun being out anywhere ~

  6. Michael Weinstock

    Dan you love Westport as I. only the people who live there can understand the love affair we who live there can understand.