Ron Provenzano’s Promise

Back in 2009, Ron Provenzano opened a barber shop across from the train station. It featured wooden floors, an old-fashioned cash register, a striped barber’s pole — and actual “shaves.”

A few years ago, he moved to 190 Main Street. Settling into the famed Sally’s Place record shop, he kept that old-fashioned feel and his many loyal customers. He added plenty of new ones too.

Earlier today, a guy walked inside. He held a business card from the old Railroad Place spot. On the back, the barber had scrawled “One free haircut.”

The man had never redeemed it — never been to Ron’s, in fact.

Was it still good?

“Of course!” he said.

It took a decade. But today, Ron Provenzano made a customer for life.

Ron Provenzano, and the 10-year-old business card.

7 responses to “Ron Provenzano’s Promise

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Such an awesome man and great barber!

  2. I had a conversation with The legend Bill Mitchell at a Staples Soccer game and spoke to him about how he ruined as did Stew Leonard … or set the bar so high for how we accommodate and make clients happy… you sir should get the hat tip award for being an honorable businessman… Dan I think you have a new segment… call it the STEWITCHELL… to the business that exemplifies the traits we do wish the world did

  3. Having been a customer at Ron’s barber shop for years when we were in Westport, this story does not surprise me. And, I think this shows that the spirit of Sally’s Place lives on.

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    I love it when I read or see examples of people keeping their word…as in the old days, seal the deal with a handshake.

  5. And this is why, “Shop Small” and “Keep It Local” means so much in a world that has gone astray…Congratulations for keeping it alive Ron! Show me a man of his word and I’ll show you a successful business man! Keep up the good work!

  6. one of the best bargains in town!

  7. He is great and good to have on main st

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