Westport Signs: The Sequel

Yesterday, “06880” posted a(nother) story on sign pollution. It featured (sigh) a stop sign with another sign at the bottom pleading “Please No Signs.”

At the end, I challenged readers to send photos of the worst sign polluters in town. I promised to post the “winner.”

Aka, the “loser.”

John Karrel is our man. He cites his “least favorite” corner: the intersection of Hillspoint and Greens Farms Road.

(Photo/John Karrel)

He writes:

  1. It is an UGLY sign
  2. You’re not supposed to pitch a business.
  3. Would someone really choose a fitness option this way?!

Please don’t answer that.

6 responses to “Westport Signs: The Sequel

  1. sSigns like this and all election signs are imply VISUAL POLLUTION; they don’t sway votes, they may turn people off if enough of them intrude on one’s psyche…The town should ban them…..

  2. Has anyone ever voted based on a lawn sign?

  3. Signs are the least of problems at that particular intersection.

  4. I live in Norwalk, and take sign like that down in my neighborhood. There is no free advertising near where I live!

  5. Off topic
    Perhaps I’m being naive, but as November nears, I
    hope there will not be the rabid sign related disputes
    that showed the bitter political division that racked the
    town previously. How about Signage Civility?
    – just a thought –