Unsung Heroes: Special Edition

Wednesday is the day of the week when “06880” honors Unsung Heroes.

I posted an already-written story earlier today. But yesterday’s flash floods produced many other heroes, from police, fire and EMS, to tow truck operators who rescued stranded motorists, to neighbors who provided shelter and sump pumps, to teenagers who cleared blocked roads.

Karin Kessler — owner of Backspace, the funky typewriter store behind Little Barn — has her own heroes. She writes:

We are making lemonade…

Unfortunately, yesterday’s insane rain flooded our storage area. Fortunately, I had 2 students — heroes — who moved quickly and helped me lug 50+ typewriters into our main space and out of harm’s way.

The remainder of the typewriters are still in storage but were hoisted onto racks.

Thank God we were here and able to manage the situation before any damage was done.

Congratulations and thanks, Mimi Zauls and Shay Buchanan!

4 of Karin Kessler’s many typewriters — saved!

And this just in, from Ani Rockwell:

I wanted to write to let you know about someone who, for me, was an unsung hero.

During last night’s torrential downpour I was hauling buckets of water up out of my basement, trying to keep even more water from pouring into my basement.

My husband was in Manhattan. He had called Gary Brown of GB Plumbing to see if there was anything he could do. From a plumbing perspective there was nothing.

But instead of charging a call-out fee and leaving for the next job, he spent a good hour with me and my 9-year-old son (who had also come out to help haul buckets of water away from the basement), carrying and pouring out buckets of water. When he left he refused to take any payment.

This is not the first time he has refused payment for a call-out when he has come to examine an issue and determined it was not plumbing. He really is a decent guy, and at a time when you hear so much about the less friendly and neighborly people in town it is beyond wonderful to know that people like Gary are here.

For me and my son who spent 2 hours hauling out buckets of water he really was a hero. Sharing the load made it so much easier to bear. I hope you are able to give him a mention in your column so that he knows what he did was truly appreciated. Thank you.

Done! And if you’ve got any more heroes to add to the list — click “Comments” below.


4 responses to “Unsung Heroes: Special Edition

  1. Danielle Dobin

    Dan – My husband and I want to shout out a huge thank you to Andrea Greenberg who picked my son up from religious school in Coleytown yesterday. Andrea was our next door neighbor when we lived in that area. When I tried to pick him up I was trapped by rising flood waters and stalled cars blocking intersections at our new neighborhood by the beach. Andrea and her husband cared for our little guy, fed him and entertained him for hours until the roads re-opened and I could make my way over there safely to collect him. Thank you, Andrea!!!!

  2. Lisa Weinstein

    Westport residents never disappoint anyone! That’s small town living at its finest.

  3. Michelle Benner

    A huge thank you to CT Basement Systems and the former owners of our home, The Jarvis Family. Many years ago they installed a curtain drain at the top of our backyard and a complete waterproofing system in the basement of our 1940’s cape, including multiple sump pumps. Our house sits at the bottom of a hill and includes wetlands and a culvert dug by the town in the 1950s to channel water through our property on it’s way down from Prospect and Harding Lane through a system of wetlands down Hillspoint Road to the LI Sound. Our basement remains dry despite our soggy land and neighborhood. Thank you CT Basement Systems and The Jarvis Family!!

  4. This is such an uplifting story!