Get Your $15 Million Here!

Alert “06880” reader, former 2nd selectman and — particularly germane to this story, former Board of Finance chair — Avi Kaner writes:

The State of Connecticut holds over $918 million of unclaimed checks, stock shares, etc. Westport residents currently have 17,646 items worth over $15 million just sitting in Hartford waiting to be claimed. We are of course in the top 10!

To claim, simply click here; enter your name; print out the claim form, and send in with proof of identity.

New York makes claiming money much easier. It can all be done online; there’s no need for mail. Here’s the link, for the many Westporters who are former New Yorkers.

Avi Kaner gets a very grateful hat tip for this.

And speaking of tips: If any of that lost — and now found — $15 million is yours, why not donate some of it to your favorite charity?

Or “06880.”

3 responses to “Get Your $15 Million Here!

  1. Our state can be doing a much better job with helping you claim your unclaimed money and to get you’re your money faster. Our state has more than $750 million in unclaimed monies, and if we did a better job of collecting these unclaimed funds, we can generate additional annual revenues of up to $250 million for the state treasury and get more of this money back to you. Last year, we brought in approximately $121 million of unclaimed funds and paid out $40 million. Other states like Delaware have made this a primary revenue source for the government. New Jersey has done an excellent job and brought in several billion of revenue through unclaimed funds. Money collected through this program should be dedicated to funding education and infrastructure improvements, whereas now it goes to public financing of political campaigns and the general fund. We need to audit companies more aggressively by using third-party auditors to conduct unclaimed property audits, shorten dormancy periods (which is the length of time that must lapse before the property is considered abandoned) and add unused gift card balances as unclaimed property. In 2017, there were $176 billion in gift cards sold in the United States. We need legislation to require the names and addresses of the gift cards and when they were sold, so we can gain that revenue for our state and it makes it easier for you to claim.

  2. Not always easy to get- my late mother had a $500 rebate from a utility company and it was next to impossible to get it with all of the paperwork , etc.

  3. Ellen Greenberg

    Ok, I tried and indeed CL&P owes us some money. Amount not stated. To claim the money we need a notary and copy of ORIGINAL Social Security card. How can they tell original in a photocopy??? For $500 it might be worth it, but it doesn’t say. How about have a box on the website that says please donate the money to the state now? (I know, possible fraud.) P.S. I called the office and it took them no time to let me know the amount of the refund. May be worth a trip to the notary.