Pics Of The Day #501

Seen at Compo Beach: This driver put one over on the DMV license plate enforcement division. He must be laughing his f—-ing ass off!

Meanwhile, this Texas plate — with plenty of New England influences — was spotted in Westport recently. (Photo/Jaime Bairaktaris)

9 responses to “Pics Of The Day #501

  1. I spoke with the owner of the LMFAO plate a couple of years ago. Our wonderfully efficient DMV did have a problem, and the owner was fighting to keep the plate. It looks like they won. Good for them.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Tee hee heeeee!

    Love ‘em both.

  3. What does LMFAO mean? Related to FAO Schwartz?

  4. LMFAO = Cheesy

  5. Laughing My F—ing Ass off.

  6. Stephanie Hutchison

    OK – I’m fessing up – but only because you’ve erroneously given the owner of this plate the male gender!! Not sure why!! I’ve had this plate for at least 7, maybe 8 years I’d say, and yes, Matt is correct, the DMV did want to recall it at one point, having nothing to do with my plate, but because someone had been turned down for something she wanted, saw my plate, and decided to be a baby (along the lines of, “if I can’t have what I want, why can she have what she wants”). The DMV Commissioner was a lovely woman, brought my situation back to the Committee – and I never heard from anyone again!! As for being cheesy – just remember this was 7-8 years ago – even BEFORE the popularity of the band of the same name!! Anyway, thanks for posting my plate and making me smile!!

    • Dear Stephanie,
      I didn’t know if you wanted anonymity so I specifically did not mention gender. As I noted, I’m glad you were able to keep it.

  7. Stephanie Hutchison

    No worries, Matt – I was specifically referring to the description under the picture, but again, all said tongue-in-cheek!