Pic Of The Day #493

Early this morning, at Compo Beach (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #493

  1. Yep. We are temporary, or more so perhaps, than Old Sol. Nice concept photo.

  2. Betsy Phillips-Kahn

    Ohhh…I really love this shot… it just says: Summer at Compo to me
    Xo, betsy

  3. Great picture! Ted is my friend I have purchased many pictures from him representing Westport!
    My all time favorite is the picture I purchased from Ted showing rowers on Saugatuck river! In fact I purchase one for my son!

  4. Fabulous shot. Ted has an amazing eye.

  5. Our town full of history, great summer theater, restaurants and beaches have been a destination vacation for many out of towners for years. Makes you wonder why anyone would leave Westport in the summer. This gorgeous picture just reaffirms my question. The perfect stay-cation. How lucky we are.

  6. Ted- as always great shot, you are a true professional.