Our Long Wait For United Bank Is Over

Patriot Bank recently relocated, from the South Compo end of Compo Acres Shopping Center. It’s now across the street near Gold’s, giving new meaning to the words “drive-thru banking.”

But fear not! Westport’s motto — “A Bank in Every Strip Mall — is still true. United Bank opens soon next to Jersey Mike’s — just a few doors down from the old Patriot Bank site.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Which raises 2 important questions:

  • What’s the difference between this “United Bank” and “People’s United Bank,” which (surprise!) is also across the street (corner of Post Road and North Compo)?
  • When did Compo Acres Shopping Center change its name — dating back to the 1950s — to the bland-as-United Bank-sounding “Regency Centers”?

12 responses to “Our Long Wait For United Bank Is Over

  1. Maybe they’re going for a more “Regal” sounding name! It will always be “Compo Acres” to us ! Just a side question – does anyone remember when Compo Acres Shopping Center was originally built? I remember a big fire there in the late 50’s(??) and then it rose again from the ashes. Maybe someone has a picture of it in the era of First National, Franklin Simon, etc. for a “Friday Flashback”?

    • That was quite a fire — I think the early ’60s though. Carousel Toy Store burned to the ground — and then again at its new location in Sherwood (now Sconset) Square.

  2. I think Regency Centers is the name of the gianormous Florida based REIT which acquired Equity One (the owner of Compo Acres) in 2017. Hopefully, that retro, blue “Compo Acres” sign that Equity One was shamed on 06880 into reproducing a few years back hasn’t been broomed by Regency. It’s still at the base of the big tree, right?

  3. Peter Barlow

    I didn’t know Compo Acres Shopping Center had its name changed to Regency Centers. How awful! A regency is a substitute monarchy. Here? And “Centers” is plural? How many centers can you have?

  4. 1. Doesn’t the stone wall at the entrance still say “Compo Acres Shopping
    Center?” 2. Is the United Bank moving into the store that used to be Silver’s?

  5. Michelle Benner

    Yay, another bank. What’s our bank to nail salon ratio these days?

  6. Dave Stalling

    On the Regency Centers website, their Westport property is listed as Compo Acres Shopping Center. The company owns hundreds of shopping centers throughout the nation, all with different names.

  7. Yes, there’s a flood of banks on Post Road. But those of us in Saugatuck still have no banks (or 24-hour ATMs) since Union Trust on Charles St. (across from Tarry Lodge) closed its doors a decade ago.

    • And no grocery markets. The most recent opening date I heard for Mystic Market (former Blu Parrot, Jasmine, Arrow restaurant) is October.

  8. I noticed regency sometime over the winter. They also own land on PRE, past Rayfield. Many of the signs popped up around their complexes.