Pic Of The Day #482

Gold’s Delicatessen: as classic as Westport gets (Photo/Toby Burns)

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #482

  1. One of our all-time favorites; a true Westport institution.

  2. I worked for Julius Gold washing dishes at 15 years of age 3 Days a week after school. My first paying job besides lawns..

  3. A woman here ordered a hot pastrami sandwich on white bread with mayo. Wonder if her request would have been honored at Gold,s

  4. Gold’s is the place I’d stop after school for a hot pastrami sandwich!

  5. Many still travel far for Gold’s delicacies! As I child, I always grabbed the dried apricot roll-up in front of the counter and looked up at Julius – he just smiled and I dug in 🙂

  6. Looks pleasant to be there, i do some travel at times.

  7. Gold’s in an obligatory stop when I get back. Three pounds of hot corned beef and a dozen hard rolls. I have never found anything as good.

  8. If Golds made Egg Creams…………oh, and cappuccinos…..

  9. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    I grew up going to Gold’s.I still remember Kenny’s voice behind the counter
    listening to our mom ordering while he’d then hand out pretzel sticks to my sister and I). I remember their turkey salad on rye..I remember summer afternoons when our mom would say ‘Too hot to cook!’ and we’d go get Gold’s delicatessen….And
    so, now, being a long distance from Westport days, it just makes sense- I,as others here, continue to pilgrimage to Gold’s with my own family (mostly because of their rye bread and great bagels!)…
    (as far as I know,Nothing like this place exists for us north of
    Westport! 🙂

    (Thanks to Gold’s- for still being there!)

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