Pic Of The Day #479

Compo Beach lifeguard chair (Photo/Amy Schneider)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #479

  1. Hank Ottinger

    I have fond memories of holding down one of those chairs between 1957-1959.

  2. hello there, since, dating back to the early 1950s I did study at Mrs. Wakup’s Swimming School at Compo Beach, nearer to the Pavillion but at the water, I did over time aspire to become a lifeguard. When I was 12 a few years later I earned my junior life saving badge while at an overnight camp in New Hamphsire. So I like this photo of the day very much; and, it’s a good photo anyway!!

  3. I swam breaststroke on the Westport YMCA from 5th grade through 10th grade. One of the diving board performance group of the swim team is on my mind just now. So, ‘hello’ to the Westport YMCA Swim Team Formal Dive Team!!!

  4. Charles Taylor

    Boy that pic brings back my Compo lifeguard summer of 1965! A great experience under head lifeguard Peter Brown!