Everyone’s Asking About That Construction By Bertucci’s…

Westporters are wondering what’s happening next to Westport Wash & Wax, where Long Lots Road feeds into Post Road East.

As reported last December on “06880,” it’s the new town trend: retail, offices and residential.

White Plains-based DMC LLC is constructing 2 mixed-use buildings — 3 stories, 10,000 square feet each. Retail and offices will occupy the first floor; 16 residences will be above.

Plus 4 more townhouses at the rear of the property, each with 3 2-bedroom units.

The site of the new retail/office/residential complex at the foot of Long Lots Road. The green building has been torn down.

Six of the 28 (total) apartments are “affordable,” according to state 8-30g regulations.

Included in the development: 93 parking spaces.

Right now, work is going on behind a construction fence. All that’s visible from the road is a single chimney.

Meanwhile, a few yards away at the former Bertucci’s, work progresses s-l-o-w-l-y on Ignazio Pizza. That’s the 2nd location for the thin-crust pizzeria. The 1st is underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s a toss-up which place — the as-yet-unnamed retail/office/residential complex, or Ignazio Pizza — will open first.

8 responses to “Everyone’s Asking About That Construction By Bertucci’s…

  1. Dan — some time ago, you wrote an article about the number of pizza places in Westport and concluded that it had the second most pizza establishments in the US next to Chicago. I think it was in the Westport News. Does that still hold, or will this new restaurant move it up to #1?

  2. I’m glad Mr. Slez isn’t around to see this!

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