Next New Mixed-Use Development? The Empty Lot Off Long Lots.

Come for the Daybreak application. Stay for another one that’s flown way under the radar.

Thursday’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting (Town Hall, auditorium, 7 p.m.) was already expected to draw a crowd. The first item is 500 Main Street — the old Daybreak Nursery site. Able Construction is proposing to build 12 age-restricted, 2-bedroom houses. As seen from the comments on yesterday’s “06880” story, there are strong feelings for and against.

The 2nd item has drawn less attention. “DMC Westport” wants to develop 793 Post Road East/5 Long Lots Road.

That’s the empty lot between Westport Wash & Wax and Ruta Court, opposite the old Bertucci’s.

The proposed development would be built at 793 Post Road East (shown here) …

Like the Daybreak area, this is a neighborhood with lots of traffic. Every morning, a line of cars — coming from drop-offs at Staples, Bedford and Long Lots schools, plus folks commuting into town — backs up on Long Lots Road.

Like Daybreak too, the Post Road/Long Lots property may have soil issues from previous owners (a landscaping company and gas station, respectively).

… and extends to 5 Long Lots Road (above).

But while Daybreak neighbors are concerned about 12 homes, those on Ruta Court and Long Lots have bigger issues.


DMC Westport is proposing 2 mixed-use buildings — 3 stories, 10,000 square feet each. Retail and offices would occupy the first floor; residences would be above.

Plus 4 more 3-story buildings, at the rear of the property. Two would include 4 townhouses each; 3 would have 3 townhouses apiece.

There would be room too for 93 parking spaces.

If you’re going to Town Hall on Thursday, get ready for a long night.

A site plan for 793 Post Road East/5 Long Lots Road. Click on or hover over to enlarge.


11 responses to “Next New Mixed-Use Development? The Empty Lot Off Long Lots.

  1. With regard to both this and the Daybreak applications, both of which seem to be compliant with existing regulations, it would be unfair to penalize the applicants for the failure of the Town to address the long-standing traffic problems at these and many other sites. Everyone in town knows that the mess at exit 42, the long Lots/ Post Road. and Rte. 33/post Road intersections, just to mention a few, are and always have been in need of attention. They are the responsibility of the Town and the State. Orivate developers are not and should not be obliged to perform off-site traffic remediation or intersection improvements or to suffer the consequences of years of neglect and inaction. We should be urging the Town to make this issue a priority and where appropriate, to put pressure on the State to do what’s necessary.

  2. Michael Calise

    We have 830G to thank for all of this.

    • Actually, the State tried to correct the traffic flow at US 1 and Rt. 33 but the costs to acquire the land far exceeded the costs to construct precluding the project years ago. People should realize to improve intersections means more needed land and that, in Westport, comes at a great cost. Any suggestions as to how to solve the State budget problem?

  3. Is it necessary to develop every square inch of space?

  4. Larry, your pandering to your client is nonesense….even if the town has been negligent about its traffic control and intersection improvements, what exists, exists and developers, just because they are private profit seekers, should not be allowed to worsen conditions that exist…regardless of why they exist.

  5. Good morning Dan. Just for the record: I am retired and have no clients, nor do I have or have ever had a relationship of any kind with the developer of the Daybreak property.. Maybe you’d like to reassess your view of my comment without the ad hominem dig. Having once served on the P& Z, you should know that a developer cannot be required to make off-site improvements.

  6. Are we certain this meeting is happening on Dec. 14? It is not on the calendar:
    Could this be an oversight? I would call P&Z to confirm: 203-341-1030.

    • The most recent agenda:


      December 14, 2017 7:00 PM Auditorium


      At this time interested persons may be heard after being recognized by the chairman.

      Written communications may be received for all applications until the public hearing is closed. Applications and plans may be seen and examined in the Planning and Zoning Office, Room 203, Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Avenue, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.)

      500 Main Street: (The following application is continued from 11/16/17. Testimony was taken) Appl. #17-052 by Mel Barr, Barr Associates, LLC for property owned by Westport 500 Main Street Development LP for a Special Permit and Site Plan approval for a Small Home Development for five (5) two-family dwelling and two (2) one-family dwellings with at least 60% age restricted units, for property located in a Residence A zone, PID #D13059000.
      793 Post Road East: (The following application is continued from 12/7/17. No testimony was taken) Appl. #17-037A by Barr Associates, LLC for property owned by DMC Westport, LLC for a Special Permit and Site Plan approval for a mixed use development, (retail, office and residential uses) for property located in a General Business District (GBD)/Residential A zone – Inclusionary Housing Zone (IHZ), PID #E09193000.

  7. Apologies to Larry for thinking him still working and working for the developer… reasoning still stands. Don’t request off site work by developer, but simply say the development furthers congestion and turn the goddamned thing down.

  8. Wendy Crowther

    The drawn plans are hard to read so it’s difficult to tell whether the little green house will remain on the property (even if moved to a different location). My guess is no, and that saddens me.

    The little green house on this property has a great back story that dates to the 1870s. It was built for use as a residence by an Irish immigrant family (the McGoverns). After the McGoverns, it was purchased by a Russian/Polish immigrants (the Slez’s). Four generations of the Slez family grew up there. This included those that opened the Slez/Benos Garage next door (now the building that houses Westport Wash & Wax).

    A bit of Westport was built by the McGoverns and the Slezs – by their courage to leave their native countries, by their commitment to create a better life for their families, by the dedication they demonstrated to their church and their work.

    One house, two families – it is the personification of America as a land of opportunity – a land that welcomed the tired and poor. America (and Westport) was made from stories like these…small stories…across a century of change. I hope that the McGovern/Slez house can continue to tell us that story.

    • I agree, it’s hard to determine whether or not the historic structure is being retained. If not, that is extremely disappointing from both a cultural and a sustainability standpoint. The greenest building is the one that’s already standing and the embedded energy in the extant historic dwelling will simply be wasted if it’s consigned to the landfill. I hope and trust that the developer will be repurposing the little green house for a new family; it’s been contributing to our streetscape for nearly one and a half centuries. Be smart, have a heart and kick it old school, OK?