Unsung Hero #58

There are Unsung Heroes.

And then there is Joanne Heller.

Her long list of important, hands-on activities includes:

  • Co-president of A Better Chance of Westport
  • Past president of the Westport Young Woman’s League; executive board member for 9 years; director of their Minute Man Road Race
  • Ran the Mad Hatter Tea Party for Bethel Recovery Center for many years
  • National Charity League board member
  • Veteran PTA member; creator of school directories on MobileArq
  • Staples Tuition Grants member
  • Volunteer at Bridgeport’s Read School
  • Coordinator of the Compo Beach playground renovation project
  • Westport Garden Club member
  • Former Girl Scout leader
  • Former communications head of Staples Service League of Boys (SLOBS).

Joanne did much of this while also working at ADP. She and her husband Grant have 3 children, who have kept her busy since leaving the paid work force in 2002. She’s about to become a grandmother.

Which means this week’s Unsung Hero will have a whole new generation of activities to lend her talent, energy and time to.

Joanne Heller

(To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net) 

23 responses to “Unsung Hero #58

  1. Andrea Lawrence Moore

    One of Westport’s best!

  2. Dorothy Abrams

    A role model to all generations!

  3. Midge Deverin

    She’s ‘the real deal!’ 🙂

  4. Marcy Sansolo

    she is one of a kind. emphasis on kind.

  5. A true mentor, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met.

  6. Denise Torve

    A true hero to so many and now to a grandchild! Congratulations Joanne! Enjoy that little one – time goes by fast ☺️

  7. Joanne Heller is truly a one in a million individual. Westport is so lucky to have her as one of our unsung heroes. She is one of those amazing charismatic individuals who makes you feel like you are the only person in the world who matters. She has a very long list of BFFs because she exudes peace, love, compassion and concern to all she touches. Congratulations Joanne! XOXO

  8. Joanne Heller is indeed a local hero deserving of this recognition! I had the pleasure of working with Joanne on the board of Staples Tuition Grants where she worked tirelessly on behalf of local students. Thank you, Joanne, for all that you do for the community!

  9. Dianne Quagliariello

    Joanne is the epitome of a genuinely kind and generous soul!

  10. Kevin Koche

    What an incredible resume…a role model!

  11. Kerry Foley

    In addition to being a tireless volunteer, Joanne — with her generous, empathetic spirit — is the kind of person who will be right beside when you haven’t yet realized that you need help. Congratulations and thank you, Joanne.

  12. Joanne Heller

    I’m overwhelmed to be nominated for the unsung hero. I love helping others. It feeds my soul, which is all the thanks I need. I appreciate all who have reached out to me in the past few hours. This is really too much! And thank you Dan for the write up. This made a gray, muggy day so much better!

  13. Barbara Wiederecht

    Having had the honor and pleasure to know Joanne for more years then we probably both care to admit, this just brings a big smile to my face!

  14. Congrats, Joanne! Hope you’re still running, too- you can use a baby jogger again! You’re awesome, keep up the great work!

  15. Topsy Siderowf

    I’ve met Joanne as fellow members of the Westport Garden Club. She’s one of the reasons the garden club enjoys its valued place in our town. Her response to being nominated as an unsung hero tells why she was so honored.

  16. Low key quiet competence and a great sense of humour. Joanne is a pleasure to work with. Brava!

  17. Martha Mintzer

    Of course – she is the best!!! She gives her all to everything she does!
    Westport is very lucky to have her!

  18. Nadene Beck

    Congrats Joanne! So well deserved!! In addition to all her accomplishments, she is also an amazing neighbor and fantastic dog mom!

  19. Congrats Joanne!

  20. Tom Kashetta

    Down to earth and always with a smile. There is none better. A fantastic person with a great family. Way to go Joanne. Thanks for all you do !!!!

  21. Ginny McGovern

    Joannne you do more than so much for so many… you do it happily ~ a true gift! Always great working with you. Congratulations to you & thanks Dan:)