Unsung Heroes #57

Last week’s Westport Library Book Sale went off without a hitch.

Thousands of visitors bought tens of thousands of books. And CDs, DVDs, even LPs.

The library earned thousands of dollars. Even yesterday — when everything was free (contributions gladly accepted!) — the library earned something just as important: grateful good will.

One scene from last weekend’s Book Sale.

But as easy as it all seemed — hundreds of volunteers hauling boxes, posting signs, pointing patrons in the right direction, smilingly totaling up purchases, answering idiotic questions (“Do you have …?”), handling setup, security and cleanup; volumes sorted superbly into categories from Art to Zoology; no problems despite the loss of the library space itself during the Transformation process — none of it would be possible without a few great leaders.

Mimi Greenlee and Dick Lowenstein are the Book Sale co-chairs.

Suzy Hooper and Heli Stagg have full-time library roles, in addition to their Book Sale duties.

They lead with inspiration — and by example. They give new (and literal) meaning to the phrase “heavy lifting.”

This is not the only Westport Library Book sale, either. There are others, in winter and spring. None would happen without the many volunteers — and these 4 at the helm.

(From left) Heli Stagg, Suzy Hooper, Mimi Greenlee and Dick Lowenstein yesterday. They don’t even look tired! (Photo/John Karrel)

We hope Mimi, Dick, Suzy and Heli enjoy being this week’s Unsung Heroes.

But they probably won’t see it. They’re finishing up last weekend’s book sale.

And starting work on the next.

(Hat tip: John Karrel. Want to nominate an Unsung Hero? email dwoog@optonline.net)

12 responses to “Unsung Heroes #57

  1. They’ll see it…. they’re superheros!

  2. Arline P. Gertzoff

    A pleasure to know and work with all of them for 20 years

  3. Dorothy Abrams

    Agree with Laura and Arlene. Hello from MN.

  4. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    The July Book sale is on of my favorite events in Westport. Yesterday’s donation day was a terrific start to a year of reading!

  5. Adrian Hinojos

    4 Champions making our Library and our Town better places. Thank you!

  6. Jalna Jaeger

    I swim with Suzy at the YMCA every day. She is amazing, and the book sale is a wonderful reflection of those who run it. Thank you, thank you, you are truly heroes, and heroines!

  7. What a wonderful and deserving choice for unsung heroes. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering for the book sale over the past several years so I’ve seen these people ” in action “.
    Susie and Mimi are the ever- ready bunnies. They never stop moving and always have a smile on their face.

  8. Mark Yurkiw

    ….the indefatigable Dick Lowenstein is definitely my hero. Bravo to them all for the monumental effort they take on each year. Thank you one and all!

  9. Hedi Lieberman

    And of course it was especially hot last weekend! Love you all!!!

  10. Helen Ranholm

    I look forward to the booksale. I love it I get books I want and I try new authors. After I have enjoyed my reads I then return the books to be resold in the next sale. This is the best bargin around. But I do love Barnes and Noble too.

  11. Amy Schneider

    They are the Fab Four of the library book sales. Their organization skills and commitment are unsurpassed. Even though I was unable to volunteer in the last two years, they greeted me with hellos and smiles. Thank you, too, to all the volunteers that helped make the book sale a success.

  12. Deborah White

    Just wanted to add my personal thanks to all of you. Without your hard work and that of all of the volunteers who work throughout the year for this enormous fundraiser, I would not be able to do my job that I love! A library’s annual book sale defines the meaning of community coming together to the benefit of all. Thank you!