And The Worst Sign In Town Is …

Last week, “06880” reported on Planning and Zoning’s enforcement of the town’s longstanding ordinance against temporary signs.

The removal of dozens of placards — promoting everything from the Library book sale to (ironically) junk removal — drew dozens of comments.

It’s about time! praised some.

Governmental overreach! howled others.

Predictably, the discussion veered away from the direct topic at hand. Eric Bosch noted that there are 309 permanent signs at Compo Beach alone.

Chris Woods suggested that people send in photos of the “worst” signs in town.

Great idea! 

Here’s mine, from Wilton Road:

Hey — this is Westport! Every place here has a school bus stop ahead.

Besides, have you ever seen this sign flashing? How would that even work? Do school buses have a special method to switch on these lights?

That’s my worst/least favorite/most annoying sign (though there are many contenders). What’s yours?

Email photos to And let us know exactly why that particular sign is worse than all the others.

19 responses to “And The Worst Sign In Town Is …

  1. Joanne Romano-Csonka

    Just as a side note on signs, there are laws!! They have been in place for years but people seem to not care. If you want to plaster signs all over ask your neighbors if you can put them on their lawns. I’m willing to bet I know the answer!! Also it has always been a law that no signs are allowed on utility poles and this is purely for the safety of the utility workers. Apparently people think because they pay taxes that it’s ok to do and say and park etc whenever and wherever they want We’ll thats just not the case. You have neighbors folks and they may not be as thrilled about 9000 signs being shoved in their faces. Besides, there are laws!!!

  2. My “worst” is the huge stop sign on Clinton Road, at the top of the hill after the Merritt crossover bridge. It appeared suddenly about four years ago, only on the northbound side of the road. I love that winding road, which becomes Ford somewhere, with the river, the trees, the occasional fishermen, using it frequently on my way to the Unitarian Church. I hate the sign. There’s no intersection, no pedestrian crossing, nothing that needs a stop sign. I usually ignore it!

    • Elina Lublinsky

      Agree entirely.

    • Martin Schoefield

      The placement of that sign is much older than four years (it appears in Google Maps Street View from 2008). There was a fatal accident at the bottom of that hill prior to 2008, and I’m assuming that was the impetus for the placement of the sign. The stop sign is being used to ensure people don’t start the twisty, downhill portion at a high rate of speed.

    • Jack Whittle

      That’s a “speed control” stop sign (my words) – arguably where Guard Hill Rd comes out onto Clinton.- and it’s been there for quite some time, def. before the most-recent fatal accident. Another example of one these speed control stop signs is found on North Ave, at the top of what we used to call suicide hill / suicide curve, arguably in the area where North Ridge Road comes out. That’s been there for quite some time,but not always (just ask Marc Sholes and Jeff Kates), I assume to slow folks down as they approach the downhill curve there.

      These things used to annoy me, but as I’ve gotten older I have come to accept their utility.

  3. Susan Iseman

    Missing is the warning sign about the line of school busses creating a traffic jam on the Post Road every afternoon.

  4. Peter Barlow

    The signs that always amuse me and seem misplaced are the ones that say “Caution : Hidden Driveway.” I think they belong IN the driveway and should say “Caution : Hidden ROAD.”

  5. I can’t say which sign qualifies as the worst but I clearly remember my favorite sign as a kid (which was on Easton Road a short distance from Weston Road): Upper Stepney 13 (miles)

    I looked on a CT map for Upper Stepney but it was nowhere to be found. It struck me as almost a Rod Serling-like Willoughby.

    That sign was up there for many years even though I’m not sure how many drivers on that stretch of road were wondering how long is the trip to Upper Stepney.

    • I am so with you on this! Always had that same thought…where is that place????

      • Jack Whittle

        If you continue straight on Route 136 for around, say, 13 miles (after 136 becomes 59) the road eventually comes to a “T” with Route 25, and viola! you are in the village of Upper Stepney. It’s a nice motorcycle ride.

        • Fred Cantor

          And when I finally made a trip up there (years after I had reached driving age) I was so happy to discover at that intersection a pink building that reminded me of the Remarkable. I think it housed an ice cream shop at the time. I felt as if I had reached Willoughby.

  6. Arline P Gertzoff

    I totally support getting rid of the majority of signs.I do not support the taking down and destruction of Library Booksale signs I inquired and found out these signs are expensive and removed afterwards .There should be a sign reclaim center set up so at least valuable signs can be reclaimed for a week only.
    Furthermore on Sunday despite the notice of enforcement I found 4 tagsale signs on telephone polls on NorthAve,two political signs for the Nov election:: on Cross Highway and North Ave and a variety of other stuff They were not there the night before .People running for office but not living inWestport need to know the rules Finally who has the authority to take the offending signs down?

    • Joanne Romano-Csonka

      I posted the town ordinance on signage. It will tell who to contact

  7. Glenn Payne

    We could follow the Greenwich lead and New Canaan idea of banning “for sale” signs. In addition to being somewhat an eyesore they also affect line of sight when planted on corners.

    • Joanne Romano-Csonka

      Signs prior to posting must be approved. It’s clear and precise in the ordinance. Political signs should be on private property like in Norwalk. And removed the day following election unless a candidate wins and wishes to scatter a few with thank you on them but said candidate is responsible for removing them. The DPW does and will remove any sign posted on public property. Not sure if that is how Westport handles it.

  8. Robert Mitchell

    How about the sign on Kings Highway North just off Wilton Road that says: “Stay in lane”? As if on that particular stretch of road, drivers are wont to cross into the oncoming traffic lane.