Pic Of The Day #455

Tight parking at the YMCA (Photo/Kenzie Healy)

22 responses to “Pic Of The Day #455

  1. Jill Delaney

    Not really. Can’t be. Tell me this is photo shopped, right?

  2. This is definitely the Winner in the Parking Sweepstakes.

  3. Really funny – or really awful – or both!

  4. Jonathan McClure

    There has to be a story behind this…two off road capable Jeeps, one apparently preventing the other from moving. A promotion or demonstration perhaps?

  5. Patricia McMahon

    A whole new level of ridiculousness!!!
    Stupid, or mad skills😂

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    The illusive Off-Road vehicular mating ritual … rarely seen by human eyes.

  7. They definitely know each other! Planned it for 06880. 🙂

  8. Jack Whittle

    It’s done on purpose – trust me. Signed, a [lifted] Jeep Wrangler unlimited owner

    • Robin Marcino

      Agreed Jack. Jeepers having fun as my son explains. I drive their more boring wagons. BTW, you wouldn’t happen to be my good friend Marty’s brother?

      • Jack Whittle

        Robin –

        I have a cousin Marty Whittle, she’s a lovely woman and a beautiful person, currently lives in East Lyme – is that the Marty you have in mind?

        • Robin Marcino

          Sure is and I’d describe her the same! She lived with us between barns and we sent our horses to her barn nearby in Killingworth. I’ve probably met you at a great wedding or two!

          • Jack Whittle

            Yes, I clearly could have simply said “you mean Marty with the horses?” 😉 She is a gem indeed!

            And perhaps we met at Marty’s wedding – ’94?

  9. Patrick Eastin

    7/16/18- Putin on the left, Trump on the right.

  10. K. F. Spearen

    Boys will be Boys ….. Yes ,they Clearly Must know each other ….

  11. Michael Chamberlin

    So I’m the white JEEP, apparently the Silver Jeep was my long lost twin separated at birth. When we came out of the Y this is how we found them!!!!!