“06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride?

Several readers would love to come to Thursday night’s “06880” party. But they don’t have beach stickers.

As much as they like a good time, they’ve decided it’s not worth the daily parking fee. Can’t say I blame ’em.

Uber is one alternative. Here’s another:

  • If you need a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me where you’re coming from (geographically, not metaphysically).
  • If you can offer a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me where you can meet people (your home, or someplace neutral).

I’ll do my best to connect riders and drivers — privately, of course. No guarantees.

But it’s just one more way in which “06880” is “where Westport meets the world.”

Another way to get to the "06880" party.

27 responses to ““06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride?

  1. Psst! Spellcheck needed!

    • p.s. This photo has lost its charm.

      • Nancy, your obsession with “06880” is pathological.

        • Dan, find some compassion and realize that there are many highways of tears worldwide. Lose the photo. It’s no longer cute or funny.

          • Nancy, lose “06880.” I have no idea what you mean by “many highways of tears.” I have no idea what you mean most of the time. Neither do many “06880” readers, dozens of whom ask me privately to block you. Some of the most patient people in the world hate the way you take over our comments section with inane, tangential and loathsome comments.

            No one cares, Nancy, what you think of that photo. It is not up to you to tell me “lose the photo.” No one cares about what you think about anything, in fact. But we do care that you are taking up our time and our comments section.

            Please (a word you have never used) find a different blog to troll. Please stay in Canada. Please go away.

  2. Dan – As much vs. Ass much. Lol


  3. Virginia Tienken

    Thank goodness, Dan. You finally said what we all wanted to say to her. Get lost!!

  4. Nancy, Not really,,,Memories of the summer of love ’68.

    • Nice that you enjoyed your summer of ’68. Many have not survived since.

      • Nancy, the last hitchhiker was seen in Westport around the time you were last here — decades ago. However, if someone is moved to hitchhike because he or she saw this photo on “06880,” AND then gets chopped into little pieces by a psychopathic killer, I promise to take the blame.

        • Dan, you really need to travel. Lose the photo.

          • Nancy, I’ve been to 48 states, and over 30 countries (every continent except Africa and Antarctica). I was not in Westport this weekend because I was (ta da!) traveling.

            I’ve also hitchhiked cross country twice, and enjoyed that mode of transportation nearly every day while a teenager in Westport.

            You’ve made your position quite clear. You will not comment any more on this blog.

            • Dan, arguing with her is way beneath you. This is YOUR blog. The time is now to block her, clearly she won’t go away willingly. It’s time. Now is your chance

            • Dan. You would do her a big favor by blocking her. Then she hopefully will look into herself and try to get help. You really will be helping her.

            • Time to block her. We have all been more than patient

  5. Vanessa Bradford

    Nancy. You need to start your own blog

  6. Wow, Dan — this is something– your blog is the sunshine to my morning coffee, a lift to my heart, it makes me feel young every day, and so grateful for your work– I feel badly for ever sticking up for Nancy to stick around at this point which I did 😦 I thought about allowing all viewpoints. But I see this is too much. I’m sad because I think many view 06880 as a strong link to our memories of youth. I thought so for Nancy too but it is hard to read all of this. Thanks Dan for bringing us together each day.

  7. Jonathan L Maddock

    Thanks for the invite to the 06880 party! I won’t be able to make it, but I wish you well & hope the weather cooperates. I grew up in Westport, and your blog is a great connection to my youth. Thank you.

    Here’s some awkward advice when I have encounters with people I find aggravating: I pray, asking God’s help for them and myself.

    Opinion:You have been very patient. It’s OK to block.

  8. Tom Feeley Sr

    Photo of hitchhiker caption
    NANCY’s GONE👍🏼👏🇺🇸

  9. Dan,,,what if ‘Nancy’ shows-up to ‘crash ‘your beach party? Will bouncers be in place,,,or is a wooden raft and paddles available for her usage?

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