Photo Challenge #185

Just when you think there’s no more open space in Westport — along comes last week’s Photo Challenge.

Chip Stephens’ shot showed an old-school tree fort, in the woods. (Click here to see.) Guesses included Winslow Park, Earthplace and Camp Mahackeno. 

Good ideas, all. But the scene was actually the Children’s Natural Playground at the Leonard Schine Preserve, off Weston Road near Bridgewater’s complex.

Kristin Schneeman, Stan Skowronski and Jonathan McClure knew the answer. But overall, there were not many guesses.  I guess too many people were outside, enjoying one of the most beautiful days of the year.

Perhaps they were at the Leonard Schine Preserve. It’s one of Westport’s hidden gems — literally and figuratively. Click here for details. But if you go, bring repellent — then check for deer ticks.

They don’t call it the “Natural Playground” for nothing.

Here’s this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d find it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #185

  1. Jana Moorman

    It’s on the bank of the Saugatuck River across from the Rowing Club

  2. On the east side of the Saugatuck River. Across from Rive Bistro, and slightly downstream.

  3. Diane Silfen

    On the river north of the Saugatuck bridge. On the right going up the river

  4. Ralph Balducci

    Just along the banks of the Saugatuck River across the river from Rive Bistro.

  5. Valerie Port

    End of Oak Ridge Park on the river

  6. I’m with Valerie!!

  7. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Me too!

  8. Mary Ann Batsell

    On the Saugatuck River opposite the VFW

  9. Jonathan McClure

    On the Saugatuck River – across and a bit down from Rive Bistro

  10. Michael Calise

    Guess we know who hangs out where! If it was across from Dunville’s I would have known.

  11. Seth Braunstein

    On the east bank of the saugatuck river not far from the River Cafe on the opposite bank.

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  12. Amy Schneider

    Across from the Saugatuck River – you can see it from the new medical complex on Riverside.

  13. Peter Tulupman

    Easy. On the Saugatuck river on the side opposite Riverside Drive, this is part of someone’s property.

  14. Matt Murray

    Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club

  15. Jalna Jaeger

    It used to be the Komarow,s house, at the end of otter trail, I think that is the name of the road…’s been years.

  16. It is now 9:05 pm. Has no one guessed it yet?

  17. Sorry – I’ve been out. Everyone who guessed that it was on the east bank of the Saugatuck River is correct!

  18. And what is it?

  19. Robert Giunta

    End oak ridge park across from Ed Kowalsky home