Pizza Principles 101

For years, Westporters have watched Jacques Voris turn dough and tomato sauce into delicious pies at Westport Pizzeria. He figures he makes 25,000 a year.

Many are awed by his pizza-making skills. Others wonder: How hard could that be?

Everyone (age 13 and up) now has a chance to try. Voris and his restaurant are offering “Pizza Principles”: a (truly) hands-on class in pie-making.

There are sessions every Sunday this summer, from 10 a.m. to 11.

It’s a group activity (up to 3 people per group). Each makes its own pizza, from start to finish.

You won’t take your finished creation home, though.

You’ll eat it right there.

Jacques Voris, at work.


(The cost for each “Pizza Principles” group is $30 — and includes all ingredients. To register, click here.)

3 responses to “Pizza Principles 101

  1. Sandra Long

    What a delicious idea!

  2. Lori winthrop dockser

    Loved wepo pizza for 50 years … my daughter is working their this summer . They have yet to divulge the magic that makes their pizza soooooo good!

  3. Sounds like fun! Jacques and I were classmates at Staples, and I loved Westport Pizzeria!