Crashing The 4th

Sure, it’s a holiday.

But there’s seldom a day off from drivers plowing into a Compo Shopping Center storefront.

This was the scene earlier this morning:

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Have a safe and happy 4th. Be careful out there!

23 responses to “Crashing The 4th

  1. Just can’t wait to start his/her fitness program.

  2. Kathryn Sirico

    The shopping center needs barriers before someone really is seriously injured.

    • Agreed. I can’t believe the owner has not installed any protection after dozens of these crashes.

  3. There really ought to be a Dan Woog 06880 contest for this, if it werent for the fact that several people have been really hurt. Someone I heard actually put their car in drive instead of reverse and drove it up the stairs next to Burger Lobster. That takes a level of creativity you don’t see every day.

    Cumberland Farms on Hillspoint & Post Road just put in 5′ high coated steel posts along the storefront to prevent just this sort of thing – I think that’s an idea that’s going to gain in popularity.

    That, or perhaps video instructions that light up on people’s phones when they turn on their car, showing a diagram, with arrows, and a voice-over, explaining how to choose between “R” and “D” on the transmission lever.

  4. John L Krause

    “That, or perhaps video instructions that light up on people’s phones when they turn on their car, showing a diagram, with arrows, and a voice-over, explaining how to choose between “R” and “D” on the transmission lever.”

    Love it! This blog needs a Like button 😉

    • There is a “Like” button for the blog at the top of the comments section. Unfortunately I can’t add one for each individual comment — sorry!

  5. Ok … happening once is one thing. But what is this … the 3rd or 4th time this year? Do we know if the drivers have been intoxicated? Or extremely elderly? This is bizarre.

  6. The rumor is that some 78 year old Staples graduate, from the class of 1958, saw a millennial, in a thong, and “put it in drive!”

  7. Deirdre Doran

    It’s unbelievable!

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  8. K. F. Spearen

    Wow , that place is Unbelievable Now .. The landlord should look into installing large Bollard Poles ( Crash Poles ) in front of the stores , before someone gets killed .. I always park in the rear now , and Never walk in the Front anymore due to the numerous accidents like this …

  9. Jens Buettner

    wondering what’s the average age of all these crash drivers……..

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Gives a new meaning to “Crash Test Dummies”.

    But, joking aside … this is bizarre how often it seems to happen, especially at that location.

    Nerve-wrecking for sure.

  11. Serious question: Why does this happen so frequently on that side of that particular parking lot — but never on the CVS side? Very strange.

    • CVS=Cars Veer Sideways

    • David Webster

      Simple answer I suspect. Gold’s attracts a significantly older population than any of the businesses on the other side. And many studies have shown that these sudden accleration accidents are highly correlated with older drivers.

      • Joyce Barnhart

        David Webster: How old is this driver? I don’t remember seeing an age reported, not here nor at Westport Now.

    • I believe the CVS side has cement parking stoppers, while the Golds side does not.

      • Oops- I was wrong. No cement blocks on either side. The mystery continues. (Still, a cement parking stop is probably a good idea).

  12. Jeanine Esposito

    It is a mystery. I just don’t understand why someone (property owner?) hasn’t put up some simple cement barrier poles along the edge of the sidewalk after so many cars have plowed through the windows. Isn’t this an obvious safety solution? Hopefully they’re not waiting until someone gets hurt to make an adjustment like that. We’ve been lucky on that so far.

  13. Mark Bachmann

    Good Lord – the employees in those stores are living in a combat zone!

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