Save The Date: “06880” Blog Party Is July 19

Sure, today’s weather report is for thunderstorms through the afternoon.

But Thursday, July 19 will be wonderful. After all, it’s the date of the 5th annual “06880” party.

The first 4 years were great successes. They were true community gatherings– chances to meet and mingle with the diverse “06880” community (both online and real).

This year’s party will be even better. The word is out: It’s an event not to be missed.

We’ll gather at 6 p.m. at Compo Beach — the alcohol-is-okay end. Bring your own food, beverages (no glass bottles, though!), beach chairs and blankets.

Happy party-goers at the 2014 “06880” bash.

Like the website, “06880” simply provides space to get together, have a good time, chat, laugh, and of course bitch.

There’s no charge. It’s a “fun-raiser,” not a fundraiser.

The “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” We call this party “where ‘06880’ meets each other.”

PS: We picked a Thursday because the beach is not as crowded as on weekends. As alert readers know, “06880” does not believe in reserving tables.

18 responses to “Save The Date: “06880” Blog Party Is July 19

  1. Can non-residents get in without a sticker, as we did last year?

  2. Yikes!! Senior Center annual meeting and lobster fest that evening. 😭😭😭

  3. Rozanne Gates

    What a wonderful and sad photo as Saul Haffner (right front) has passed.

  4. Sorry I’ll miss it – no beach pass since I now live in Redding – and I do miss Compo Beach. Wonderful picture of Saul – miss him. Judy Hamer

    • I’ll try to set something up a few days before, where Westporters who are going to the party can offer to have you park at their house, then take you along to the beach.

  5. Dan your such a breath of fresh air!! Will not miss it! Thanks! Your the best ! Paris

  6. Hi Dan, my wife (Kathleen) and I would love to come to your party, but we can’t get away from our jobs on July 19th. I’ll see you soon.

  7. When the Appalachian Mountain Club had a beach BBQ a few years ago, people without stickers parked at the Sherwood Island Connector commuter lot, and I (yes, mostly it was me) picked them up and ferried them to Compo. Of course meeting at someone’s house is certainly more “where 06880 meets each other”-ish. If I can be here I’d be happy to help, either way.

  8. Bonnie Bradley

    Hmmm… Common sense says that those resident wage-earners or alien “out-of-towners” who will only get two or so hours of use of the beach might get a little break on the daily pass cost after 6pm. Maybe just to enjoy a beautiful sunset or a quick dip before bed. Is the beach closed after dark? How about $25? Isn’t the day pass $50 now? Not sure. Anyway, $25 for, say, an average of even 10 cars a day sure beats zero into the coffers for all the people who won’t or can’t afford to enter to enjoy their beach for a couple of cool, beautiful hours of serenity. Sounds sort of “let them eat cake” to me. Draconian too, I’d say.

  9. Jo Ann Davidson

    Do I see a glass bottle on Saul’s table?

  10. sorry we missed a great party. did you also haveaparty at the minute man boat house? I am trying to find out who catered it as it looked very well done and I’d like to hire them for my local business party.

    please write back