Dog Day Afternoon

Every dog has its day.

Today, they all do.

Winslow Park is filled with hundreds of pooches. Fido and Spot are there. So are Oliver, Cranium, Sparkle Plenty and all their friends.

The Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce’s 3rd annual Dog Festival draws dalmatians, beagles, poodles, greyhounds, chihuahuas, schnauzers and mutts.

There are expensively bred dogs and rescue dogs. They’re all shapes, sizes and ages.

Just like their owners.

The Dog Festival runs until 4 p.m. today.

See you at Westport’s favorite dog run!

(All photos/Dan Woog)

13 responses to “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Amy L Kaplan

    If an event charged by race, color, religion, or sexual identity it would be discriminatory and not allowed. However, the Westport Dog Festival charges by family ($25) and singles ($10). I was charged $10. The family before me, with one grandparent, two parents, three kids and two dogs paid $25. That’s $4.17 per person. Why do I pay more because I am single. VERY DISCRIMINATORY. I’m very disappointed in the town where I grew up.

    • William Strittmatter

      Well…it is a dog festival and it sounds like you paid less per dog…so you have that going for you.

    • Jay Summers

      Amy, shame on you. Just because you don’t think you were treated fairly doesn’t mean it was about race, religion, or sexual identity. Why not be thankful that the town organized a fun event like this for the community rather than be angry about your personal situation and how you feel like you’ve been treated. If you didn’t like the pricing structure, no one forced you to attend. To even use the word discrimination in this context is just wrong and quite frankly, makes your claim seem silly.

  2. Michael Calise

    Charge to get in he door – good reason not to go

    • Audrey Hertzel

      2017’s event donated over $7,000 to various animal charities…hence the reason for the entry fee.

  3. Deb Madison

    A dog in a polyester dress in 80 degree, humid weather? The poor dog. Someone should teach this owner about dogs overheating.

  4. Where’s the lab? Greatest canine face of them all.

  5. Elizabeth Devill

    This was a fun event
    But next year I would encourage all vendors to have full bowls of water out for doggies!
    We had a difficult time finding water for my two dogs there

    No wonder all the dogs had their tongues hanging out!

  6. Audrey Hertzel

    G R E A T event and great vendors! I was more than happy to pay $10 for an entry fee as I know my contribution helped to donate to various animal charities. (FYI, last year this wonderful event donated over $7,000!!!) Kudos to Matthew Mandell and all of the volunteers that made The Westport Dog Festival 2018 a success! Well done!

    • Amy L Kaplan

      Audrey, it wasn’t the money but the fact that it is a discriminatory practice. Why not just charge $5/person to be fair?

      • Audrey Hertzel

        I see your point. Perhaps solicit 3 other people to get the discounted rate—after all, who’s to say who your “family” is.

        • Amy L Kaplan

          I shouldn’t have to get other people to go. They should just do it right. $5/person would be equitable.

  7. Matthew, congratulations on another beautifully successful Dog Festival. Unfortunately my puppy just had surgery, so could not come out, but it was a great day and a fabulous event. Thank you!