(Photo/Kelley Spearen)

Yes, this is a handicap spot outside Fresh Market.

No, there was no handicap placard on the rear view mirror or dash.

Yes, this was the way the car was parked — for at least 15 minutes.

Yes, that certainly is an ironic license plate.

27 responses to “Guilty!

  1. Lisa Rosene

    I don’t know what the penalty is for parking in a handicapped spot without proper identification. However, I hope there are enough resources to track these people down and pay the consequences. Just another sign of how “all about me” our culture has become.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Perhaps this photo should be sent to the WPD.

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    Ever consider that maybe these people are vying to become a “celebrity” on Dan Woog’s blog? Rotten attention seekers! Maybe it’s a secret club – let’s see who can elicit the most damning comments! LOL

    Whatever… Rude, thoughtless, self-centered idiots with cars evidently abound in Westport. For the record, I’ve never observed these particular parking violations (taking up 2 spaces at that!) anywhere else. Maybe if shaming in stocks on the village green was still in vogue the perps could be tracked down and confined for a few hours. In the days when stocks were common passers-by would pelt the “prisoner” with rotten vegetables. Sounds like a good idea.

    • Jack Whittle

      no way – I have had more than a few conversations with people in Town about parking well enough to keep a photo of our cars from showing up on 06880!

  4. Bonnie Bradley

    Sorry, I guess it wasn’t really two spaces..

  5. Bruce Fernie SHS 1970

    Not ‘GUILTY’ just ‘DOUCHEY’

  6. Stephanie Bass SCHMUCK licience plate already taken?

  7. Bettina Gangi

    Is this to be labeled the height of arrogance or the depth of arrogance? Am confused…

  8. Dorothy Abrams

    It just shows that his driving is handicapped, too.

  9. Bonnie Bradley

    Jack, my comment was irony…. “As if”….Get it?
    Guess I’ll have to identify my comments with “irony” or “ironic” from now on.
    I like the “schmuck” comment best.

  10. Peter Shiue

    Search for “CT Guilty1” in Google Images and you’ll see that the driver seems to have an aversion to walking more than necessary.

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow … just cannot make this stuff up!

    Wonder if someone called the cops, or maybe alerted someone in the store (so they could call the cops, if that’s the only way to get police to come, say if it’s a private parking lot?).

    I dunno … seems like there must be a way to nail these A-holes.

    Anyway, I do get a chuckle from these parking-job posts!

  12. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    Thirty years ago in Stratford a landscaper parked his truck in a handicapped spot every day at lunch…I called the cops…after three calls on three straight days and three tickets he changed lunch restaurants. Priceless….

  13. Elaine Marino

    Here is a photo of the GUILTY1 driver getting into his car:

    Anyone recognize him?

    • Kelley Spearen

      Thats actually the Fire Zone No Parking Area at the local McDonalds , he’s using this time .. They have a few Handicap spots in front of the building , and a few behind it Elaine ..

  14. Elizabeth Thibault

    The Fresh Market parking lot is like ground zero for horrible parkers. I once witnessed an older lady only pull half into a spot, the rear of her car poking halfway into the lane, and put it into park. It’s a wonder it didn’t get nailed by someone zooming down the aisle.

  15. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Are handicapped spots ever occupied by the handicapped? They have to park three rows away.,

  16. Tom Feeley Sr

    P&Z has parking space requirements for all retail establishments. So in order to get to the required #, they must make the spots skinny to the max.
    Suggestion: Define a reasonable size for each space…stripe it…no more need to take two spaces to save you new car from DINGS😎🇺🇸

  17. Holly Wheeler

    You can run, but you can’t hide … especially with a plate like GUILTY1

  18. Jack Krayson

    That’s “Guilty1″…”Guilty and Guilty2” a whole nother story

  19. Kelley Spearen

    Thank you so much for sharing this Dan “” People who illegally park in Handicap spots really irritate me , due to need them these days , due to my health issues … Somedays I use a cane , other days I use walking braces . I shop at the Fresh market 4-5 times per week , due to its very convent for me .. I’m there so often that I’m on first name basis with many of the store employees .. So as I entered the store that day a few store staff memeber were outside taking Pics of the Car , while making comments on the license plate .. They stated to me that it had been in the same location for about 10 minutes , prior to me coming into the store .. I know our local Police have their hands full these days , but I wish they could Do More with giving out Hefty Fine Tickets as the Handicap signs state , throughout our many shopping centers in out Town ..

  20. Henry Carson

    This is incredibly innapropite behavior for those people who think they are better, and that they should be allowed to cut the line. This is not ok behavior. For someone who deals with handicap life in there everyday life, I fine this incredibly rude. This is NOT OK. P.S. Im 12 years old

  21. Narcissism doesn’t care and craves attention, and seems he’s sending a loud message to Westporters and maybe to Dan! Although I’m guilty of loving Dan’s parking posts. Can’t look away. They’re too entertaining.