Won’t Get Fooled Again

With all the scams around — I posted a story yesterday about one Westporter’s experience, and another a few weeks ago — it would be great if someone could write a guide to the most common ones.

Wait! Someone already did!

And not just “someone” — but Westport’s own David Pogue.

His piece was published by Yahoo in 2015. Sadly, many of the scams are still around — and still working.

Click here for the full story.

PS: Despite a few heated comments yesterday — by people who resented being asked to give $1 to help the victim of an email hacking scan — “06880” readers responded generously.

As of 9 this morning, they’d donated over $3,000 toward the $6,200 goal.


One response to “Won’t Get Fooled Again

  1. stephaniebass


    Great public service. Just read thru the list of scams. Very helpful.

    As a technically deficient person, I get nervous when I get an email that says I have a virus or owe the IRS money, but my go to position has become to ignore any thing that smacks of DO IT NOW OR DIRE CONSEQUENCES WILL FOLLOW. So far so good.

    As a luddite with a landline, also do not accept free vacations and like to yell obsenities to “your Mac is experiencing problems” calls.