Pics Of The Day #406

Playing on Veterans Green, after today’s Memorial Day ceremony. (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

After joining the Parks & Recreation Department in 2008, Andrew Colabella maintained the Minute Man monument and 2 other nearby historical sites.

He left the department in 2014, but continues volunteering in free time. He throws down seed, prunes and waters plants, and replaces worn flags with new ones.

It’s his way of giving back to his hometown, and connecting with its long and important  history.

The Minute Man monument, with new flags …

… the cemetery on Gray’s Creek, off Compo Beach Road, where colonists killed in the 1777 battle against the British are buried …

… and the Longshore cemetery, across the creek. Some of these graves may hold the bodies of British soldiers, killed by colonists as they returned to their ship after burning the arsenal in Danbury.

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #406

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    🇺🇸 👍 😊

  2. Andrew Colabella


    Thank you for covering this! It’s very important for all westport residents and visitors to take in the history of our town. The sidewalks we walk down, roads we cruise, and landmarks that make our town stand out and unique from others, is so important! Everyday is a lesson and opportunity to learn.

    Observe all landmarks, read the headstones and plaques, you’ll fall in love with the town even more. #WestportPride