Staples Sings With One Voice

Staples High School’s many choral ensembles — male, female, mixed, from freshmen through elite Orphenians — came together last Friday for a special “One Voice Concert for Unity.”

They sang by themselves and together. There were featured solos, and soaring, intricate group selections. Orphenians performed 2 pieces by Jake Runestad, the heralded composer whose work they’ll showcase this summer in Australia.

And there was a compelling rendition of “Tell My Father,” Sullivan Ballou’s tender Civil War letter to his wife, put to music.

It was an outstanding evening. Just when you think choral director Luke Rosenberg and our town’s teenagers can’t set the bar higher — they do.

(Hat tip: Jim Honeycutt, videographer)

4 responses to “Staples Sings With One Voice

  1. Susana Weyer

    We are so fortunate to have such wonderful music program in our schools. It was food for the soul. Beautiful!

  2. We enjoyed this concert as well. I look forward to listening to it again.

  3. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Staples never stops amazing me with the quality of their programs. We are truly blessed here in westport to have the money and backing for the arts