Most Entitled Parking Ever?

Sometimes, “06880” readers find a way to excuse an “entitled parking” photo.

The brake slipped. There was no one else nearby. It was raining.

I can’t imagine any way anyone can defend this parking job though, in Colonial Green.

It’s deliberate. It’s aggressive.

(Photo/Breno Donatti)

And — of course — there was no handicap permit.

28 responses to “Most Entitled Parking Ever?

  1. Perhaps the handicap is more than physical?

  2. And what exactly was the penalty for this? I’ll bet absolutely nothing. That’s part of the problem around here. Lax enforcement — in parking lots and on our streets.

    • Exactly on point! Imagine if the PD would/could go over there and issue a steep ticket, and that photo would be posted on Dan’s site?? That might calm down the tide of entitled parkers. Until that happens, nothing happens.

      • Michael Calise

        This improper parking is on private property beyond the jurisdiction of Police enforcement

        • Peter Barlow

          Does this mean the police can’t enforce handicap parking?

          • Joyce Barnhart

            I think someone has to call the police to ask them to come because it’s private property, but once asked, the police can deal with it.

        • Dave Stalling

          Accessible parking for most businesses is mandated by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, and city, state and federal law enforcement officers are authorized to enforce such laws, even though it’s private property. They can also enforce fire-lane and fire-hydrant parking violations on private property.

  3. Clifford Rose

    how about an emergency and there were no other spaces nearby?

    • I’m not buying it. Judging from the angle of the car, the driver came from the back part of the lot, where there are always spaces. And even in an emergency, i’m 99% sure he (or she) could have at least made an effort to fit into one space.

  4. Who here has contact with Westport Police Dept and can escalate this? I’ve called in such self-centered (AND illegal) acts before, but the police did not act on it. We see this everywhere — Long Lots School, the YMCA, and of course the library.

  5. Michelle Benner

    Clearly the handicap here is cognitive deficiency.

  6. Luke Garvey

    Oh my God, what an a-hole.

  7. I’m sure they were going to be back in just a second.

  8. Why do some people get away with this crass & Ill legal behavior !
    Because they can , as there is no penalty issued. And no Handicap Permit ?!

  9. Michael Nayor

    Dan: Whenever you can, I think as a public service, the picture of the license plate should be blown up and readable, and then forwarded to our police department. If enough violations occur action should be taken. If the vehicle does not belong to a Westport resident, the information should be sent to the appropriate police department.

  10. India Penney

    Do we know for certain that this car does not have a Handicap Permit?

    • None was visible.

      • India Penney

        In that case — I hope in the future that when people take photos like these, they take a close-up of the license plate. These drivers need to be reported to the police department. I have a daughter-in-law who is permanently in a wheelchair, so I know first hand how important available handicap parking is.

  11. John Krause

    “I’ll only be a minute…”

    PA 07-52 increased the fine for violating laws relating to the provision and use of parking spaces designated for handicapped people. Previously, violations were infractions with a minimum fine of $85. The act eliminated the designation as an infraction and increased the fine to $150 for a first violation and $250 for a subsequent violation.

  12. Rich Vogel

    …and a Suburu no less…I was told they stand for “LOVE”

  13. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Tow ’em.

  14. Frankly, I think they may simply have had violent diarrhea and had to get to that bathroom in the restaurant at all costs before it was too late …

  15. What’s the point of having handicap parking if the police can’t enforce it?

  16. Sharon Paulsen

    Seems like it would have been worth the wait to see who comes back to this car, if nothing else, to see if it was someone who was visibly handicapped in some way.

    Still, that’s a crazy parking job. I mean, geez.

    My gut says it had to be an emergency of some sort.

    Or, of course, just another ass.

    • Steve Stein

      Just another anonymous passive aggressive parking scene in Westport. Hohum!

      What do you do when you drop your wife at the Saugatuck Metro-north station, turn down Franklin Street and get behind a car turning left on Charles Street at a red light. On the green the woman driving the white Lexus SUV is texting and doesn’t move. Polite beep of the horn doesn’t stop the texting or get an arm signal to go around. The light turns red again and she is still texting. I go around her and stop in front so when the light changes I don’t have to sit through a second red! I guess she woke up because she not only started blowing her horn but giving me big middle fingers with both hands. When I made my left turn she proceeded to follow me on Charles with horn blowing and fingers stuck up in the air. When I just stopped she stopped the horn and the fingers. Aggressive aggression is worse- it gave me a sick feeling that a nasty selfish person could just think sticking her middle fingers up could make her a better person under any circumstance.

      Sorry too long- but I do feel better sharing!

  17. Mary Jennings

    Solutions are needed for people, especially the elderly, depth-perception challenged and the harried.

    Merchants do not repaint lines promptly, pot holes are repaired slowly and their signage is confusing.

    And the weather, the events that draw thousands.

    My shopping is going to another town until after Labor Day. Have a wonderful summer.

  18. I thoroughly enjoy this site. Westport has so much to offer and Dan does an excellent job in showing the high (and low) lights of my hometown. You would think that with such a gold-encrusted police force they, and the town fathers (and mothers), would come up with a process to handle the dark side of the town; the scofflaws both in cars and in trash bins. It would make life for the townies much more palatable to see the cops really do something about such parking and littering fiascos. I kind of like the “post the perpetrators license plate photo”, but that would only be gumming the issue. Someone has to put some teeth to work on these issues if there will ever be even a partial solution. Restricting the driving of violators would do more than any financial penalties, when money doesn’t seem to effect the results.

  19. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Do they still have the WPD tricycle with the parking tickets? Wasn’t her name Mary something? Or was it George Nugent? Dan, you need to get an appointment as a Special Police Officer. Then we could say: “Book ’em Danno!”