Photo Challenge #177

There are 2 types of Westporters: Those who love Sherwood Island, and those who have never been.

Those in the 1st group include Arthur Schoeller, Michele Carey-Moody, Vanessa Bradford, Chris Buckley, Fred Cantor, Lawrence Zlatkin, Mary Ann Batsell, Hope Hageman, Michael Brennecke, Linda Amos, Erik Østbye and Peter Ritchey. They had no trouble identifying last week’s photo challenge as the Nature Center, a crown jewels in our very own state park. (Click here for Brant Mozingo’s photo, and all guesses.)

If you’re in the 2nd group: too bad. You’re missing out on 232 beautiful acres. The beach is great; there’s tons of trails, plenty of nature, and lots to do.

Plus, it’s free for Connecticut residents! (Funds come from a $10 fee when you register your motor vehicle.)

So you have 2 choices:

  1. Drop whatever you’re doing, and go explore Sherwood Island
  2. Try to guess this week’s photo challenge. If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)


29 responses to “Photo Challenge #177

  1. Dorothy Abrams


  2. Nope.

  3. Jaime Bairaktaris

    Skate park at Compo?

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I’m thinking some elementary school, like Greens Farms?

  5. Good guesses all, but no. Seems like this one has stumped everyone!

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      Good job, Dan!!! I suppose we’ll have to wait until the 27th to find out what this is. I am sure the shapes have some significance, but I can’t figure out what.

  6. Part of the mural at the pool in longshore?

  7. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Part of a mural at the library?

  8. Trader Joe’s?

  9. No. But it is downtown.

    • Fred Cantor

      I have obviously not been downtown since the end of the year but could this possibly be somewhere on the arcade wall?

  10. If you mean in the pedestrian tunnel between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza: no.

  11. mural at the Art Center?

  12. Nope. It’s downtown.

  13. Elaine Marino

    The starfish statue in Parker Harding Plaza?

  14. Bobbie Herman

    Trader Joe’s?

  15. Nancy Hunter

    An alien, aquatic place?

  16. A wild guess here — Anthropologie?

  17. Joyce Barnhart

    At the Levitt?

  18. Nicole Arellano

    Alley by urban outfitters