Friday Flashback #90

Earlier this week, the Westport Historic District Commission voted unanimously to recommend that 13 homes on Lincoln Street, and 4 more on nearby Riverside Avenue, comprise a new Historic District.

The houses were all built between the 1850s and 1930s.

Seth Schachter quickly sent “06880” this postcard, from his collection. It shows Lincoln Street from Post Road West — then called State Street — looking east, toward Riverside Avenue and the Saugatuck River.

Seth guesses the photo is from the early 1900s.

The road does not look much different today.

Which is the best possible reason I know that it should indeed be called a Historic District.

8 responses to “Friday Flashback #90

  1. L. McKelvey

    My Mom who came to Wspt in 1919 said that the first Catholic church was on Lincoln St in a wooden structure.

  2. Seth Goltzer

    And they haven’t fixed the potholes since the photo was taken!
    It should be preserved and improved.

  3. Morley Boyd

    Nice contribution, Seth – as always. Whoever planned this street with its generous front setbacks and scenic viewshed was kind of brilliant.

  4. Tina Torraco

    This photo brings me such joy ! It made my day . Our neighborhood today is still every bit as beautiful as is was then . We intend on keeping it that way too!

  5. Scott Broder

    Kudos on your decision to state Lincoln Road as a Historic District!

  6. This s a great photo. Someone came into the Historical Society a little while ago seeking a photo just like this…I hope she sees it!

  7. Larry Liesner

    Reminds me of San Francisco

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    Notice the lack of foliage back then (at least, in the foreground area).

    Almost has a post apocalyptic, coal-mining town feel to it.

    The sepia tone/age of the print probably contributes to that feeling for the most part.

    Anyway, very interesting!

    Love these rare old photos/finds!