Pic Of The Day #374

Who doesn’t love Westport Wash & Wax? But someone should tell them that no one has retractable radio antennas anymore — or “car phones.” (Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #374

  1. Suzanne Grey

    Well, if you had an antique car from 1970s or earlier you might. Let em be.

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  2. Oh leave it as is! Reminder of a gentler time.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Wait … my ‘09 Forester has a “lowerable” antennae on the rear roof area.

    Doesn’t that apply?

    Doesn’t seem like such an antiquated message, IMHO.

  4. Both of my cars have retractable antennas. 2002 and 1996,

  5. Also, someone should tell ’em that the sign actually directs the CASHIER to do those things, not the customer.

  6. Susan Weingarten

    I have to remove the antenna on my mini and it’s a 2010