Fresh Market Foursome

“06880′ has frequently posted photos of drivers who take up 2 parking spaces.

Occasionally, we highlight those who manage to hog 3.

But this may be the first time we’ve run a shot of someone who managed to park one car across 4 different spots.

This may be our worst parker yet.

Or our most entitled.

PS: This was not someone leaving the lot. Photographer Merri Mueller sent other photos, from different — and equally egregious — angles.

(Photo/Merri Mueller)

24 responses to “Fresh Market Foursome

  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Kind of an unusual license plate. What could that stand for?

  2. Send The Cops

  3. Only in Westport

  4. Diane Silfen

    Someone who parks like that must be impaired in some way

    • Sharon Paulsen

      That was my first thought too.

      Of course, if they are that impaired, they probably shouldn’t be on the roads to begin with.

  5. Michael Marrone

    Whenever I see someone parked like this I park as close to them as I would have had they been parked normally, even if it means I have to park at a weird angle. Since they’re doing this to keep other cars at a distance my parking job, hopefully, drives them mad.

  6. Mark Yurkiw

    ….and they don’t even sell liquor. LOL

  7. Michael Calise

    Was this car parked at one of the proposed dispensary locations?

  8. Susan Iseman


  9. Cherie Quain

    I think they just wanted to break the record!!

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  10. Jeff Seaver

    Only four spaces? For Westport, the America’s Affluenze Epidemic Ground Zero, that’s not even close to a record. I saw one intrepid driver take up six spaces out behind the CVS – it was a work of art. It might be mathematically possible to occupy 7 with one vehicle, but I’d need to see that diagrammed out. I wanted to take a snapshot, and stick around to give the driver his or her award (“What do we have for our contestant, Johnny?”) but alas I was in my own entitled rush to get someplace far more important than the rest of the “little people.”

  11. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    The lot looks mostly empty and they dashed in for just a minute? Context is everything…BUT this is still obnoxious.

  12. Matt Murray

    STC = State Traffic Commission
    Here’s how they handle those who can’t park in Texas:
    A shopping cart is tie-wrapped to the door handle.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

      Love it! I am a “Westporter” transplanted to Texas. There are hurried and entitled people everywhere. I just may keep a few tie wraps in my glove compartment.

  13. Merri – you should have waited to see who came out of the store!

  14. Polly Temple

    Yikes Dan! Just incredible!

  15. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    The guy should thank his god that keyless fobs have replaced keys.

  16. Dave Stalling

    Perhaps the “STC” plates stand for Sharing, Thoughtful and Courteous?

  17. Colleen Lane


  18. Polly Temple


  19. Eva Lopez Reyman

    This is not solidarity!

  20. :):):):) Favorite posts — sorry but they are.