Pics Of The Day #352

The ‘Port restaurant, and National Hall

Vigilant Firehouse, soon to be Oko restaurant

West bank of the Saugatuck River (Photos/Dave Dellinger)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #352

  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    Talk about Past Life Regressions: Long before back-in-the-day, when the soon-to-be-Oko restaurant building was actually a firehouse, and way before the Town of Weston built its high school, the actual firehouse was where Weston-based students from Staples High School, which was then on Saugatuck Avenue, waited for the Late Bus to Weston. If it was raining, the fire fighters would let us kids wait inside the firehouse, but if the bus driver did not see students waiting right by the side of the street, the bus didn’t stop.

  3. Elizabeth Thibault

    These are fabulous!

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