Pic Of The Day #342

It was an interesting Palm Sunday at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

After the procession — 3/4 of the way through this morning’s family service — the fire alarm went off.

Everyone quickly filed out of the church, while the great Westport Fire Department raced over to check things out.

Rev. John Betit improvised, and held communion outside!

The culprit was the incense used in the procession. Thankfully, today was not one of our many nor’easters.

Easter — a harbinger of spring — is only a week away.

(Photos/Amy Chatterjee)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #342

  1. Bonnie Bradley

    Sometime in the late 1950s the Christ and Holy Church really did burn to a devastating ruin. Bear with me – this is what I remember:

    Although the church is stone, and that is why the building survived pretty much intact, the interior was completely destroyed. The alter burned and fell through to the floor into the basement. Every bit of wood, pews, railings, rugs, etc. were left as a water soaked ruin.

    Evidently there was an issue over the insurance and the insurance company refused to pay for a full restoration. Fred Lorenzen (sp?) was the minister and he appealed to my father, attorney J. Kenneth Bradley, senior partner of the law firm in Bridgeport, Pullman Comley. He was able to negotiate to reverse that decision. Christ and Holy Trinity got the money to rebuild.

    During the year or so the re-build took, church services were held in the YMCA. It was at that time that the under croft was built as a social space for church events.

    From the time my ancestor Francis Bradley arrived from Coventry, England in 1636 the Bradleys had always been members of the Congregational Church. And Westport Bradleys, especially Gershom Bradley, I believe, had financially supported both the Greens Farms and Westport Congregational churches. But, as a result of my father’s involvement he and my mother subsequently became members of Christ and Holy Trinity. During the last few years of his life my father served as a Warden of that Church and his funeral was held there, as well as my mother’s.

    My brother and I attended sporadically – we were teenagers. For me, it was of no particular interest. I would call myself an agnostic…

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    Thanks for the history and memories Bonnie. I remember your father and mother and many of the wonderful things they did for Westport . I also remember that your Dad worked tirelessly during the construction of I95 to protect Westport in any way he could.

  3. During the second service at the Unitarian Church, a fire engine drove slowly and methodically through the parking lot, around the church and then calmly exited, while choir members cranked their necks around to watch its progress through the glass walls. The fire department must have been checking out other churches…just in case.

  4. It was a lovely roll w the punches event- the Eucharist was offered outside and we went on our various ways. Happy Palm Sunday!