I Bought A Bottle Of Listerine At CVS. What Happened Next Will Make Tree Lovers Very Angry.

Like the list of troubles afflicting the White House, CVS’ receipts seem to be growing longer every day.

Here’s mine from this morning:


The coupons include $2 off for … Listerine mouthwash.

Of course, it expires next week.

28 responses to “I Bought A Bottle Of Listerine At CVS. What Happened Next Will Make Tree Lovers Very Angry.

  1. Expires next week? Drink up!

  2. Paul H. Cohen

    The paper trail Is impressive but somewhat more disposable than that plastic container.

  3. OK … So now that we’re on the topic of CVS. Paper is not the only problem. Their prices for prescriptions are, especially since CVS bought AETNA insurance, becoming prohibitive. I was getting a prescription at Walgreen’s, one of AETNA’s preferred pharmacies. It was generic and, through insurance, only $7. When I went to pick up my refill recently, it was $140.00. Walgreen’s was no longer a preferred pharmacy by AETNA because, guess who … CVS was. So I had the prescription transferred over to CVS. This time the price was right—big tumultuous thank you to AETNA—only, sit down for this, $90.00, only $83 more. It was not the same manufacturer and of inferior quality, essentially ineffective. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with AETNA trying figure out how to circle around the monopoly because changing insurance, which I will definitely do in Nov. for Jan.1, 2019, forces me to play Monopoly with my prescriptions. Oh, by the way, I was being given a great deal because, according to the person I was speaking to, the actual retail price was anywhere from $400-$650 for the non-generic prescription.

  4. I’ll take your ExtraBucks.

  5. Rebecca Ellsley

    I agree Dan this very annoying by cvs. Especially if you went to see what coupons you had before shopping to then get them at check out. I usually then tell the clerks to return it and re purchase it. When they look at me annoyed I say this is your company’s own doing. And thank them!

  6. Louise W Demakis

    I have been a customer at CVS in Westport since 1977. Recently I needed an optical prescription which CVS quoted at $375. I found it elsewhere for $60.00. More and more I find that CVS is overpricing even their over-the-counter products and making it difficult to find branded products while loading the shelves with their CVS products. And who needs or remembers a coupon offer in less than a week!

  7. Try the pharmacy at Stop & Shop. I find their prices very reasonable.

  8. One of my pet peeves!

  9. Just return it and re-buy it, using $2 coupon.

  10. Bart Shuldman

    CVS uses what is called thermal receipt paper. One company in China makes over 50% of the coatings needed to manufacture this paper. China shut down the factory for pollution issues. Thermal paper costs have risen and risen a lot. I am surprised that CVS is still printing this many coupons given the cost of that paper.

    Maybe the rise in drug prices help offset??

    • Stacy Prince

      And thermal paper typically contains BPA, which can be absorbed through the skin.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Stacy-no doubt their paper could have BPA. Especially if they are trying to cut costs due to the rising paper prices.

  11. if you don’t put in your phone number they won’t print out
    Susan Farley

  12. Bonnie Bradley

    Agree with Bobbie Herman: My Stop & Shop has great, friendly pharmacists, always ready to help with advice and explanations.
    I’ve never experienced one of those horrendous, unexpected price increases. I believe there are some cards or coupons available to use for lower prescription costs… actually mentioned by our First Selectman in a town- wide email in the last year or so, or in info from the Senior Center. Somewhere… Ask around.
    Really can’t fathom how those pharm execs can sleep at night….

  13. At CVS – your receipt can be emailed to you so you can be environmentally friendly

  14. Jacqueline Stewart

    Here’s something to look into-
    The pharmacies that one can use:
    Costco and you do not need to be a member,
    Just say you want to use the pharmacy.

    Walmart ask for their $10 list. Often a 90 day supply of meds ..
    CVS is a nightmare! Charging too much!
    I believe stop and shop is also well worth looking into.

  15. Christine Barth

    Often when I try to use a coupon at CVS, I’m told a product is ineligible because it’s “on sale” even though it’s not marked that way. It happens so often that I have contacted their corporate office. Of course, no solution, just an apology.

  16. Jimmy Kimmel addressed this when he “ran for Vice President” last year. The CVS receipt was his top campaign issue and if you missed the show with the President of CVS Pharmacy, check it out on YouTube here:


  17. Jalna Jaeger

    I get my receipt by e-mail, and you can put the dollars off coupons on your phone!
    I am a true technaphobe, and even I can do it!

  18. Mary Ann Lindwall

    If you download the CVS app you can see all your coupons/extra bucks before checking out and search for deals on things you are going to buy. You can also sign up for email receipts so there is no paper involved. You can even pay with the CVS app.

  19. Mary Jennings

    1. CVS’ price gouging on prescriptions has been well documented in the national press.
    2..Leave your coupons in a cart so someone can use them. Beats driving to WalMart to get better pricing on Health and Beauty Aids.
    3. If you have no prescription drug coverage until you meet a deductible, Costco has the best pricing and formulary. You do not have to be a member to use their pharmacy.
    4. CVS Westport has one of the highest sales revenue in the chain. Yet they no longer have 24 hour pharmacy hours. One has to drive on route 95, exit 14 for one.
    5. CVS staff is very helpful.

  20. Audrey Hertzel

    Tried sharing my extra bucks and other coupons with a coworker, and unfortunately, they are non-transferable due to the membership number on her CVS card and my coupons being different.

  21. Hanne Jeppesen

    I don’t take any prescription drugs so don’t know about those prices. I do buy vitamins, and a lot of make-up from CVS, most Loreal or Oil of Olay, and the coupons allows my to buy top of those lines without paying top prices. I work at Macy’s, but even with my employee discounts if I was to buy make up at Macy’s I would spend a lot more. Also CVS allows you to combine coupons, so if you have $10.00 extra bucks, and $10.00 of Oil of Olay you can get a with good moisturizer for $20.00 instead of $40.00. Macy’s sends out a lot of coupons, and sales associates are allowed to have coupons at the register, but we cannot combine coupons. I work at Macy’s in Palo Alto (very upscale), but out customers love the coupon savings.

  22. Bobbi Essagof

    Why can’t they just put everything on the card. I never have the coupons when I need them. Always makes me mad.

  23. Hanne Jeppesen

    If you are talking about Macy’s you can link your coupons to your Macy’s card, so they show up on the signature pad when you swipe your card. The Macy’s I work in, is very generous with coupons, they allow sales associate to keep coupons at the register, and we are often have coupons that give the customer a bigger discount, such as $20.00 off $50.00, instead of a 20% or 25%.

  24. Victoria Powers

    Don’t worry – they take expired coupons. Save it for next time!

  25. Richard R. Craig

    whenever possible ask your healthcare provider to just give you the prescription to fill wherever you want. otherwise, they will send it to what they understand is your regular pharmacy or mail order pharmacy. If you take the printout from your healthcare provider and shop it at a couple of places – along with your insurance card – you may be surprised at how much you can save. once you have that “new, better pharmacy” make sure your healthcare provider sends the refill order only to that location. spoken from experience.