Students, Selectmen Speak In Hartford On Bump Stock Bill

More than a dozen Westporters traveled to Hartford today. They testified before the Judiciary Committee, supporting a bill that bans bump stocks and related rifle accessories.

Alert “06880” reader Jaimie Dockray reports that at least 11 students were at the state capitol. Lily Kane testified. Kaela Dockray submitted written testimony. She and her mom had to catch a train to Washington for tomorrow’s March For Our Lives.

First Selectman Jim Marpe and Third Selectman Melissa Kane both testified. “They were awesome,” Jaimie Dockray says.

“The chairman of the committee asked their party affiliations, knowing they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. When asked if they agreed on this issue, they emphatically answered ‘yes.’ They said their only problem was keeping their combined testimony to under 3 minutes.”

Lily Kane is interviewed at the Capitol. (Photo/Jaimie Dockray)

5 responses to “Students, Selectmen Speak In Hartford On Bump Stock Bill

  1. Peter Nathan

    Suggest you cover the local protest at the Storm Ruger offices in Southport tomorrow at 11 AM.

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  2. Rebecca Martin

    Thanks to Rep. Jonathan Steinberg who ceded his time to 4 Westport women and Lily Kane, so that we could testify. He also gamely handled the questioning from the committee, some of which was intense.

  3. Susan Iseman

    It was a long day but we managed to Participaye in the democratic process by submitting our testimony. Westport was well represented and I was proud to be part of it.

  4. Susan Iseman


  5. Wendy Goldwyn Batteau

    Demetri Hoth [a Stoneman Douglas student] said [yesterday] speaking to Congress, “I urge you propose meaningful gun safety laws, vote yea to bills that advance gun control, and sing along with us to the melody of justice, never again, never again, never again.”