Beloved Shoe Repair Shop To Close

M&M Shoe Repair is not on Main Street.

The owner is not leaving because of high rents or lack of business.

But the closing of a small Riverside Avenue shop has caused a big ripple in town.

M&M Shoe Repair is at 265 Riverside Avenue — right next to Jr’s Hot Dog Stand.

The last day is April 14. Owner Rick Masone is moving to Georgia, to be closer to his kids.

“Oh noooo!” one person posted on Facebook’s Westport/Fairfield Community Board page.

“So sad,” another added.

Other customers chimed in:

  • “He provides top notch service, and is a great guy.”
  • “He always did a wonderful job.”
  • “He is the most honest person.”
  • “A huge loss to our community.”

It’s one thing to lose Chico’s, or Jack Wills.

It’s another thing entirely to say goodbye to a good — no, great — hard-working, honest and very talented shoe repair man.

24 responses to “Beloved Shoe Repair Shop To Close

  1. Sad to hear this. I’ve been going to M&M for years. He does really nice work and at a fair price. Not only that, but my office is right across the street so I just walk there and drop off and pick up my shoes. It’s also a good excuse to go next door to Jr’s and get the best chicken salad sandwich in town.

  2. Nina Streitfeld

    Absolutely sad to see that wonderful shoe repair service enterprise close. Will be missed. .

  3. Bummer — loved his shop. How are we going to cobble together a new cobbler for our Town?

  4. The closing of M&M and departure of Rick Masone, the owner and expert cobbler, is a HUGE loss for Westport. He was always fair, did superb work and was a pleasure to deal with. He will be greatly missed. We wish him the very best in his new venue.

  5. M&M is the real deal. Doesn’t get any better. Totally understand the decision and sorta knew it was coming, but what a shame. Seemingly small things have a way of adding up.

  6. Diana Pils Marino

    I agree! M&M saved many of my shoes over the decades. Sorry to lose him. Enjoy Georgia!!

  7. Michael Calise

    Rick, and before him his Dad, have been a Westport treasure and a great friend to anyone who took the time to know them.

  8. Bill Macnamara

    Rick is a terrific cobbler and the nicest guy
    that you will ever meet. Professional, courteous, honest and a great sense of humor. Going to his shop is a trip well Spent. I wish him the
    VERY BEST. He will be missed.

  9. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    This so sad, but as they say often here, “all good things must come to an end”
    This store did such great work, charged such modest prices and was just there when needed. On top of that the owner was always nice and attentive, rare traits today indeed. I will truly miss having such an asset in town and losing another true example of the “Mom and Pop” store that we all hope to keep around.

  10. Good luck Rick! I traveled to some good softball tournaments with him. One in Valdosta Georgia!

  11. Rick is the best. Kind, generous, friendly and excellent at his craft. He will be missed. Best of luck to you!

  12. Yes, all good things must come to an end, and Rick has been looking forward to retiring for some time. I hope he does so knowing how much he and his family have given to Westport with their fair and caring customer service. I bid him a grateful farewell with best wishes for his retirement.

  13. It was a pleasure to do business with Rick. Really liked that picture he had taken with Ali. M&M was the type of businesses that you knew as a kid and went to as adult because you knew what you were getting. Wishing you good health in retirement.

  14. Arline Gertzoff

    There is an excellent shoemaker next to Westfair Fish opposite Stop and Shop

  15. Mickey Herbst

    There was a fire in the early 70s that burned down Rick’s father’s shoe repair place in the building next to the bridge on the Post Road. Around the same time I had just expanded my Quick Copy Center into the space formerly occupied by Dean’s Cleaners. (Dovecote is there now). I had extra space and sublet to M&M Shoe Repair where they operated for over a decade. This was the cinder block section only assessable through the ally way and long before Toquet Hall. But people found him and the business was saved. I think Rick used to come in to help and learn the craft. Westport will miss you and all the best in your new life in Georgia.

  16. Barbara Katz

    Wishing Rick Masone well in GA. But where can one go now for shoe repair? Such a loss!

  17. Michael Smith

    I have been a client of Rick’s for I don’t know how many years. Good man, excellent service, excellent work! I wish he raised prices sooner, perhaps he would stay? Probably not, as we have spoken extensively over the years. Connecticut is an expensive place to live and do business. I wish Hartford would listen.

    Best of luck Rick! You and M&M have made my time in Westport better!

  18. This is such a bummer. The Eason family also did business with Rick and his Dad prior to Rick taking over. I will make it a point to stop in for a goodbye..Guys like Rick are really a dying breed.

  19. Denise Torve

    So sorry to hear this. Lovely guy – a craftsman – who has always done superior work – on anything my family and me have brought to him. Including many loved old shoes that were always so well restored. Enjoy the next chapter!

  20. Scott Broder

    Rick leaving….oh no❗️ So sad as he’s such a true
    amazing asset to our Westport community. As a customer for well over 25years, our family will miss him tremendously. Will absolutely go visit to wish Rick and his wife the best his new life adventure💥
    Thank you Dan for keeping us informed as always.

  21. In my 30yr Westport journey, Rick Masone just might be the nicest guy I’ve met. So good for you, Rick, and your family. Proud to call you my friend.

    One last request, leave your “playbook” behind for the rest of us.

  22. Sally Campbell Palmer

    You will be badly missed Rick!

  23. Dan, how about a photo of Rick Masone to add to this article before he leaves town? I never heard of M&M during our 24 years back in Westport. What a treasure! We drove back to NJ to have shoes repaired because the one shoemaker we tried (obviously not M&M!) was really unhelpful. Our loss not hearing about Rick!!! 🙁

  24. Bart Shuldman

    So sad but understand. Being closer to family!!

    Rick is a great guy and did great work. A throw back to the days of shaking hands, and coming back and paying once the work was done.

    Time is precious, enjoy the children. Our family will miss you.