Unsung Hero #40

Last month, Karin Kessler opened Backspace — a vintage typewriter sit-and-hang-out shop behind Little Barn.

It’s a great new venture. It’s warm, welcoming — and welcome.

Of course, her mail carrier might not think so. He’s the guy who has to deliver all those heavy packages to Karin.

Fortunately, Karin’s carrier is Kevin Logue.

She says:

I have the best mailman. Kevin has delivered hundreds of typewriters to me with kid gloves.

He has such a thankless job. He could easily be disgruntled, and throw my boxes into the garage. Yet he neatly places packages close to the door, and has never commented on the weight or how many he delivers.

Kevin Logue, in his truck.

Kevin has only inquired with excitement about my collection, how my store was coming together, and when it was opening.

He even showed up late afternoon after work to check it out. And he was as excited as I was when I heard from Tom Hanks.

Kevin is a part of the community. He’s much more than just a delivery person. He cares.

Thanks, Kevin! We hope you know that “06880” — the blog and the community — care about you! 

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3 responses to “Unsung Hero #40

  1. Roberta Grossberg

    So true! And glad he is acknowledged. Kevin is great. He is very helpful with packages (he just walked a big Amazon box into my house about 20 minutes ago!) Kevin is always friendly and I look forward to seeing him on my dog walks.

  2. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    It is just the best thing when people do their job, whatever it is, with a great attitude, hard work ethic, and no complaining.Kudos to Mr.Logue. I can be a whiner at times so I am happy to be reminded to try a different tact.

  3. And kudos to you, Dan, for singing aloud these “unsung heros.”6