If You Didn’t Have A March Madness Team Before, You Do Now

It’s pretty hard for a 7-2 guy to fly under the radar.

But — at least around here — Paschal Chukwu has.

The Syracuse University junior — ranked 14th in the nation in blocks per game — is apparently from Westport.

His bio on the Syracuse website lists this as his hometown, and his parents as John and Sheila Featherston.

Chukwu did not — very unfortunately — play for Staples.

He spent 2 years at Trinity Catholic High School. (Where he played soccer — a sport he loved in his native Nigeria — and scored his team’s only goal in a 7-1 loss to the Wreckers.) He then transferred to Fairfield Prep.

Chukwu played one year at Providence College, before transferring to Syracuse.

You can watch him at 9:40 tonight (CBS-TV). The Orange take on Texas Christian.

TALL BASKETBALL PLAYER FUN FACT: I once saw Manute Bol on Main Street in Westport. He and Chukwu are 2 guys I really look up to.

(Click here for Paschal Chukwu’s full bio. Hat tip: Bill Ryan)

6 responses to “If You Didn’t Have A March Madness Team Before, You Do Now

  1. Holy cow! Was the game he scored in played at Staples? I think I might have seen him play–soccer–in high school but he couldn’t have been close to 7’2″ at that point. (But a talented, very tall foward on set pieces at Staples would have been one way to improve the team’s scoring chances. Would have loved to have seen him wearing the block S.)

    • He scored against us at Trinity Catholic (as a freshman) — and it was off a corner kick. The next year they played us at Staples. He was about 6-10.

  2. David Abrams

    Uh, Dan, you look up to all of us. Just sayin.

  3. Taylor McNair

    Paschal and I were basically the same height back then, Dan (see photo 3): http://staplessoccer.com/staples-vs-trinity-catholic-2/