Staples, Middle Schools Observe Walkout Day; Nursery School Celebrates Friendship

This morning at 10, students across the country walked out of class. They honored the 17 slain students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and demanded sensible gun legislation.

At Staples High School, well over 1,000 teenagers poured into the fieldhouse. Working with administrators and police, student leaders planned — and pulled off — a powerful program.

Superintendent of schools Colleen Palmer praised the high schoolers for their organization, passion and sincerity.

A portion of the large crowd in the Staples High School fieldhouse. (Photo/Charlie Colasurdo, courtesy of Inklings)

Nationwide, educators working with younger students grappled with how to handle the day in an age-appropriate manner.

Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools held their own assemblies.

Children at Green’s Farms Nursery School are young enough to be shielded from the horrors of school murders.

But they honored the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students at the same time — 10 a.m. — with a “friendship assembly.”

They observed a moment of silence, sang a friendship song and read a special story.

Then they created a friendship mural, to send to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Greens Farms Nursery School students create a “friendship mural.”

16 responses to “Staples, Middle Schools Observe Walkout Day; Nursery School Celebrates Friendship

  1. Richard Fogel

    vote the morons out of office. There is no reason to own an assault weapon. Canada,Australia,England. and civilized democracies throughout the world do not have such violence. It is an outrage. Vote the bums out

  2. So proud of our community. I am sure that these passionate walk outs in Westport and throughout our country by our courageous students for gun law reform have raised awareness on this urgent issue, and also, on just how important it is to be an active and informed voter!! That’s where we can further make these changes happen!!!! Get out and vote in the 2018 midterm elections and beyond! Enough! Let’s make some positive changes!

  3. Adam Vengrow

    “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

    Guys and gals in schools, rise up together, create the right environment and make it happen!

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Many of the students, who were interviewed by MSM networks today during the protests, were either 18 years of age, and planning to vote, or will be “very soon”.

    One young woman pointed out that pre-registration for voting rights can start at age 16 (might be a state-to-state thing … I am not sure, as I only caught part of that particular newscast).

    Yes. Yes. And, Yes!

  5. Emily Desser

    Coleytown Middle School did as well!

  6. Staples students organizing the walkout reached out to the League of Women Voters and asked us to come in today to register eligible students to vote. We were honored they invited us and were thrilled to deliver 76 new voter registrations to the Registrars today. Well done, students!

    Students that were not able to register today and will be 18 before November 6, 2018, will have an opportunity to register through the League at our next school visit in the Spring. Online registration is also available at Have your license number or the last four digits of your SS# readily available.

  7. Danna Gaynor

    So proud of my hometown and Staples students. Staples class of 1962.

    Danna Gaynor


  8. Tami Benanav

    Coleytown Middle School also did a walk out today. We were informed by the administration in advance that student leaders had planned it and after the event received a note about how respectfully the students behaved and how smoothly the event was handled.

  9. Charles Farrington

    Just out of curiosity how is a walkout going down to the field house? For what it’s worth – totally against assault rifles and realize more needs to be done.

  10. Colleen Lane

    Incredibly proud of our Westport students for their courage & passion in speaking about all our needs regarding responsible gun control!! Equally proud & admiring of all young people across our great country standing in solidarity & demanding congress act in passing smart, sensible gun control laws!!!!! I’m in awe!

  11. Kendall Gardiner

    I also wondered about the field house.
    I read that only two Staples students actually “walked out” of the school.
    I think in years to come, this national walkout may be in the history books as a turning point in America.
    Students who didn’t actually “walk out” may come to regret that decision.
    I write this, because as a young teenager I was stopped from marching with Dr. Martin Luther King by my parents.
    I have always regretted that I missed participating in that historic march.
    I have zero criticism for the choice the students made or will make on the
    24th.of March.
    I am speaking from my own personal experience and perspective.

  12. Barbara Cross

    So proud of GFNS for planting the seeds of friendship and community in the hearts and minds of our youngest citizens. The children are our future.

  13. Danna Gaynor

    As a 1962 SHS grad I’d love to post this on my FB page and maybe LinkedIn to demonstrate how a community, my hometown, can work together, respectfully to address an important issue unlike some communities particularly in GA and Ohio. Is there an easy way to do that?

    Danna Gaynor