Unsung Hero #39

When an alert “06880” reader recommends someone as an Unsung Hero, I pay attention.

When 2 alert readers make the same recommendation on the same day, I start writing.

Last week — the day before the snow — both Joelle Malec and Michael Ryan noticed the same thing. Joelle says:

I often walk around the Saugatuck River. I always think that some day I should bring bags and pick out the trash from our river’s banks.

Well, some day was today for this woman. On her own she’d filled half a dozen bags, because she couldn’t stand to run by the trash one more day!

(Photo/Joelle Malec)

I stopped, thanked her and hugged her for doing such a great thing.

She allowed me to take her picture, but did not want me to share her name for “06880”‘s Unsung Heroes.

She is my hero today!

(You too can recommend an Unsung Hero! Just email dwoog@optonline.net)

12 responses to “Unsung Hero #39

  1. Thomas Bloch

    This women sets a great example of what it means to be a citizen of our Town. I salute her and so should the rest of the Town

  2. Jill Delaney

    Many thanks to this young woman. We should have a Town Clean Up Day – everyone turns out to pick up trash.

  3. Geraldine Crooker

    Thank you so much!

  4. An excellent choice. I just want to add that my former Drumlin neighbor (and fellow Staples soccer alum), Chris Swan, frequently picked up trash alongside neighborhood streets such as Hales Road when he went out walking, biking, etc. So a shout out to him as well.

  5. Seth Goltzer

    Very deserving of all our praise, might have to buy some trash bags and help too!

  6. Jalna Jaeger

    Hi Dan,
    I pick up trash every time that I take a walk. I also have adopted the commuter lot by the Y because it drives me crazy when it is full of trash! Anyone can pick up trash, and if we all did it, there would be a lot less!
    My sister walks the beach near her home in Fairfield and she picks up trash every day too! I have also got my daughter cleaning the streets in her neighborhood. Let’s ALL pick up trash! It is one little thing that we can all do to clean up the world!

  7. Bobbie Herman

    When I take walks in my neighborhood in Greenfield Hill, Fairfield, I always take a plastic bag and pick up trash. What I cannot understand is how people can be so crude as to throw bottles, cans and other garbage out of their cars.

  8. Andrew Colabella

    For anyone in town who does pick up trash and puts them in self charge of a particular parcel of land I would love to be involved!

  9. It’s really great that all these people pick up trash as they walk/bike/jog etc. Even better would be if others didn’t toss the trash there in the first place.

  10. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    It (everything) takes a village…and it IS truly shocking how people can be so xxx ride…wonderful job all you pick er uppers !