Photo Challenge #167

The “new” Levitt Pavilion is less than 4 years old. But it’s an integral part of Westport.

It’s still 3 months before the new season begins. Still, Michael Calise, Andrew Colabella, Fred Cantor, Ben Berkley, Janice Strizever, Martin Gitlin, Lynn Wilson, Ellen Wentworth, Cindy Zuckerbrod, Shirlee Gordon, Seth Goltzer, Morley Boyd, Stephanie Ehrman, Lois Himes, Linda Amos, Mark Demmerle, Erik Ostbye and Myra Skluth all knew that last week’s photo challenge showed a bit of the riverside entertainment complex. (Click here for Larry Untermeyer’s photo.)

Here’s this week’s challenge. If you know where it is — and have more details than “something erected in 1906” — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #167

  1. Michael Calise

    Old Library cornerstone

  2. Diane Silfen

    Maybe the old library

  3. The original library. On the corner of Main Street and the Post Road.

  4. Yeah, thats the old library.

  5. Stephanie Ehrman

    It looks like it is on the old library

  6. Rosalie Kaye

    Original Westport Library.

  7. Lswrence Zlatkin

    It’s definitely the old library, right where Dan’s favorite downtown hangout park has been paved over.

  8. Mary Maynard

    I love the font. mmm

  9. Michael Calise

    Actually Jessup Sherwood Memorial Library

  10. The Town Hall building–that is, the Town Hall when we were growing up.
    PS can you consider doing the photo challenge at noon Pacific time?

  11. Janice Strizever

    Former Westport Library building on Post Road at Main Street

  12. Robert Mitchell


  13. Old Westport Library.

  14. Eva Lopez Reyman

    Old Library Westport Town

  15. Jonathan McClure

    Former Westport Library (now sadly empty) cornerstone.

  16. Melissa Ceriale

    Hi Dan, regarding your weekly photo challenge. What’s the chance that you would re-post the photo to go along with the answer the following week? Maybe I’m not the only one out there that could use the photo reminder to then place the correct response. Just a thought!

    • Thanks, Melissa. Every week I include the link to the previous photo challenge. In today’s story, for example, it’s at the end of the second paragraph. Just click on the link, and enjoy.

  17. Seth Goltzer

    Looks like the old Library!

  18. Bobbie Herman

    Dan — since you haven’t acknowledged the 18 people who identified the cornerstone as belonging to the Old Library, I wonder if it might be from another building, circa 1906 — the Old Town Hall, for example?

  19. Ah, sorry. My bad. It definitely is the old library!

  20. It’s gotta be the original library building. (Actually, it’s probably not the original library; it’s just the one I remember from the 1960s when we moved to town.)
    I have nothing else to add except that I loved the place. I loved the sanctuary of the reference room, up the half flight of stairs opposite the circulation desk. I loved the entry off of Parker Harding Plaza, a cool and dark refuge on a hot day. I loved the door to the stairs from that entry, that went directly up to the children’s Department. I remember the wall where, as a young reader, I looked for fiction, perpendicular to the windows looking out over Parker Harding. And, of course I remember Needle Park. I was sad when the old place closed.