Photo Challenge #166

I guess everyone knew who William “Doc” Skerlick was but me.

Betsy P. Kahn’s photo challenge last week showed a sign honoring the guy. I’d never heard of him — or seen the sign.

But tons of alert “06880” readers knew it hangs at the Saugatuck Trout Management Area on Ford Road. And most of those readers knew who Doc was too.

Michael Calise, David Sampson, Fred Cantor, Jill Turner Odice, Jonathan McClure, Peter Hirst, Mark Saboslai, Bill Blaufuss and Jeff Lea nailed it. Many added interesting details. (Click here for the photo and all responses.)

The best background info came from Peter Hirst (who got it from Dick Alley’s blog). Here is everything you need to know about Doc:

Doc fished both fresh and salt water, kept a daily journal on each and every trip and kept and froze many of his fish. He would fish trout from the beginning of every season until Memorial Day and then switch to another species. He had a goal of a designated number of snapper blues every late summer and early fall, and would end up cooking them for one or more of the many organizations he belonged to. Doc belonged to the Westport Striped Bass Club, Westport Fish & Game, Newtown Fish & Game, Trout Unlimited and many more and seldom missed a meeting. He would drive up to Hartford on any conservation issue.

Doc loved Country music and played a mean harmonica. He traveled to many music festivals and was popular among other attendee’s.

Doc was most of all a teacher. He loved teaching kids how to fish, especially those who ventured into the fly-fishing area which eventually bore his name. He tied flies and made lures and had displays of many of his creations which he was happy to show and talk about wherever anyone made a request.

For even more on Doc, click here.

This week’s challenge has nothing to do with fly fishing. But if you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)



23 responses to “Photo Challenge #166

  1. Michael Calise

    at the levitt

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Levitt Pavillion

  3. near the back of the Levitt.

  4. At the Levitt Pavillion

  5. Compo playground

  6. Janice Strizever

    Levitt Pavilion

  7. Martin Gitlin

    Levitt Pavillion!

  8. This is part of the Levitt Pavilion, behind the library.

  9. Ellen Wentworth

    Definitely Levitt

  10. Yep – you’re all correct (except for Pat Saviano — sorry!). It’s the Levitt Pavilion. Three months until opening day!

  11. Cindy Zuckerbrod

    The Levitt

  12. Shirlee Gordon

    Levit Pavillion

  13. Seth Goltzer

    Levitt entrance, too easy

  14. Morley Boyd

    The Levitt Pavilion – which, among other things, remains in violation of its Conditions of Approval despite dozens of zoning complaints by frustrated neighbors. The fact that the property is owned by the town is, of course, merely a coincidence.

  15. Stephanie Ehrman

    Is that the Levitt?

  16. Above the entrance to Levitt Pavilion

  17. Levittown Pavillion over stairway

  18. Mark Demmerle

    Levitt Pavillion.

  19. Levitt Pavilion

  20. John Kelley

    I didn’t know the first thing about “Doc” Skerlick but Googling his name was all it took to identify he place.

  21. Myra Skluth

    Levitt palvillion