Friday Flashback #82

Winter keeps hanging on.

It always does. Hey — this is New England.

Snow falls. Winds blow. Trees and wires fall down. Eventually, spring comes.

This was the scene 84 years ago, after the Blizzard of 1934:

(Photo courtesy of Westport Historical Society)

The view is from Post Road West, looking west on Riverside Avenue.

The building on the left hasn’t changed at all.

Neither has the traffic.

8 responses to “Friday Flashback #82

  1. “…Neither has the traffic.” -I love it.

  2. Michelle Benner

    and neither have the overhead wires… haha 😉

  3. The gable front mid 19th century building in the background (nee Westport Aquarium) is about to radically change. Special thanks to the hapless Westport Historic District Commission which, once again, could not seem to locate its spinal cord and speak with a singular, cohesive voice about the importance of conserving National Register listed properties.

    • Susan Feliciano

      It’s scandalous. What’s the point of a National Register of listed properties then, if they’re not at the very least, protecting them?

      • These days, Westport Historic District Commission is more focused on attacking local preservationists and undermining their efforts than anything else.

  4. Arline Gertzoff

    Shout out to all town workers and great neighbors who helped each other during the storms.

  5. Michael Calise

    looking west on post road west

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