Fox And Honey

Normally, the announcement of a gourmet cooking class and tasting in a Westport store would not be “06880”-worthy.

It’s nice and interesting, sure. But there’s a lot going on in Westport, and with 10-15 requests for publicity a day — and 1/3 of my blog’s readers living outside Connecticut — any event I preview must be very remarkable.

Or have a way cool back story.

This one is all about the back story.

On Tuesday, March 13 (6 to 8 p.m.), Fox Schanzer leads that cooking class at Savannah Bee Company, the artisinal honey and body care store in Bedford Square.

For $25, you’ll master — and taste — 5 recipes, featuring honey from around the world.

Here’s the “wow” factor. It involves Fox — and not just because he has one of the coolest names this side of Rip Torn and Slim Pickens.

Fox — Savannah Bee’s “educator/resident” chef — is just 17 years old.

Fox Schanzer

He graduated from Staples High School early — in January. That’s 3 years after he discovered his love for the culinary arts, in chef Cecily Gans’ class.

Fox followed his passion by working for the top chefs in Connecticut, including Anthony Kostelis at The Whelk, and Brian Lewis of The Cottage.

Fox began working at Savannah Bee Company last fall. He immediately impressed customers with his extensive knowledge of pure raw artisinal honey, from around the globe.

He constantly experiments with new dishes, which he shares with customers.

The owners and butchers at M.EAT — the old-school/organic butcher market a few doors over in Bedford Square — love Fox so much, they asked him to include a marinated meat selection at the March 13 event. To seal the deal, they offered to provide their meats free of charge — and grill them for him.

Fox — also an accomplished guitar player and rock climber, and who in his spare time cooks for the Gillespie Center — heads off soon to the Culinary Institute of America.

His dream is to open a small, 20-seat restaurant near here, to cook for friends and family.

Remember the name: Fox Schanzer. And if you go to Savannah Bee Company on March 13, one day you can say “he taught me how to cook, honey.”

(The $25 fee for the March 13 event includes wine, a tasting of 5 prepared recipes, and instruction. For more information, and to reserve a spot, email

7 responses to “Fox And Honey

  1. Jaime Bairaktaris

    Fox is awesome – this is so cool!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great story, Dan! Fox is one in a million. We are all so proud of him at the Hive.

  3. Alan Phillips

    The kid is special and incredible.
    Savannah bee is lucky to have him.
    It was a joy to meet him.
    He will be successful at whatever endeavor he chooses.

  4. Christy Colasurdo

    Fox is an amazing young man. He recently represented Savanna Bee at an event at Wakeman Town Farm. He created a gorgeous cheese & honey station, and wowed the guests with his knowledge and passion for local artisanal foods. Fox, you can come cook/teach at Wakeman Town Farm any time! You do Westport proud!

  5. Christy Colasurdo

    Savannah Bee

  6. Sandra Schanzer

    His food is delicious, inventive, beautifully presented. He will do amazing things as his career moves forward

  7. What an asset to such an awesome store! Can’t wait to see what he cooks up at the Hive next week!