Alisyn Camerota Video Goes Viral

As Parkland High School students have spoken about gun violence — drawing the admiration and awe of much of the nation — there has been, predictably, a counter-narrative.

Some people don’t believe young people can be so passionate, articulate and motivated — even after watching as 17 of their classmates were gunned down.

Alisyn Camerota was having none of it.

The Westporter — co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day” — interviewed 2 former Republican congressmen on Tuesday. One was David Jolly of Florida. The other was Jack Kingston of Georgia.

Kingston began by disputing the notion that 17-year-olds can plan a nationwide rally. He believes they are being used by left-wing organizations, to further adults’ purposes.

Camerota pushed back. “I was down there. I talked to these kids before the body count,” she said.

“They had not been indoctrinated. They were motivated.”

Kingston continued to insist that the teenagers were being used. Camerota insisted they were not.

It’s a remarkable 9-minute interview (click below to see). Camerota manages Kingston and Jolly well.

The video has become a microcosm of many debates: about school shootings, gun legislation, and the power of teenagers to change the world.

And at the center of it all is Westport’s newest TV anchor.


34 responses to “Alisyn Camerota Video Goes Viral

  1. Peter Gambaccini

    Well, Kingston’s already been proven wrong, hasn’t he? It won’t be the last time. Thanks to Ms. Camerota for her tenacity.

  2. I’ve always wondered why newscasters invite guests to speak and then proceed to rudely interrupt and talk over them.

  3. No offense to Alisyn, but this is an example of why people I know who used to watch CNN no longer do. A true debate consists of each side citing facts to support a related conclusion. CNN specializes in guests who do the exact opposite, e.g. their first words are “Do we really think that…” (opinion) followed by some disassociated statistic. Then the host tries to get the guest on-topic, while the guest tries to deflect the topic to their prepared talking points. This entire conversation should have ended in 30 seconds with “OK, Jack, tell you what, when you have some actual evidence to support your incredulity that kids are capable of using social media to organize social events, you get back to us.”

  4. I don’t see the part where Kingston said young people can’t be “passionate, articulate and motivated”….of course they can and they are.
    That’s doesn’t appear to be what he was what he was saying at all…but apparently, that is what Camerota heard, or wanted to hear?

  5. Alisyn is neither a journalist nor reporter, She and Crhris C are simply talk show hosts at this point in their careers with an agenda. Not saying right or wrong but far from a serous discussion on such a serious issue and not even close to real reporting

  6. …and the kids keep dying…

  7. Russell Gontar

    The article laments a “lack of data” while conveniently failing to mention that in 1996 congress, with the assistance of the NRA, made damn sure that the center for disease control (CDC) did not have the funds needed to study gun violence. I guess you just forgot that part…

    • Well, if there is a lack of data, then it is tough to evaluate claims for more gun control. BTW you did not address Sowell’s arguments..

      • Russell Gontar

        Insufficient data because of the NRA’s gag clause, yet that doesn’t stop Sowell from making his arguments. What are his arguments based on, NRA talking points? Here’s some data for you Mike: If the weapon used in this incident was banned, the shooter wouldn’t have been able to walk into a store and buy it. That’s just a fact, and not a convenient one for you.

        • No, Sowell presented data. Data are available, they just do not support your narrative.

          • Russell Gontar

            After the assault weapons ban expired in 2004, mass shootings went up over 200% during the next ten years. That’s my narrative.

            • Please show citation with empirical evidence of cause and effect relationship.

              • Russell Gontar

                Do you agree that if the weapon used in this incident had been banned, the shooter wouldn’t have been able to walk into a store and buy it? We’re looking for a yes or no here.

                • You do not know the answer to your own question, nor do I. Now, it’s your turn; can you guarantee that if the weapon were banned, there would be no more school shootings? I am looking for a simple “yes” or “no” answer. And you have not addressed Sowell’s argument. Why? Too complex? I

                  • Russell Gontar

                    Let the record show YOU refused to answer the question. The answer is that if this weapon had been banned (as it was from 1994-2014) the shooter would NOT have been able to purchase that weapon and the weapon would not have been used to slaughter 17 children.

                    • Let the record show you have NO way of knowing what you claim to know, and you did not answer my question. Moreover, you never addressed Sowell’s argument. I think we know why. And you never shared the source for your data whereas Sowell did.

                • Hi Russell,
                  Your question is not directed to me, but I would like to make a few points…

                  First let me start by saying I’m all for banning assault weapons… I really don’t understand the need for them. If there isn’t a ban, they should at least raise the purchasing age to 21….my opinion.
                  To answer your question, no, he would not have been able to buy the weapon “legally”, however, he may have been able to buy one illegally, or purchase/ use multiple other weapons with multiple magazines.
                  So a ban doesn’t mean the murders wouldn’t have happened….though I agree it is one step in helping to reduce the frequency.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    Hello Bob. You are correct that if the shooter was unable to purchase a weapon in a store, he might or might not have pursued other options, we’ll just never know. But we are not looking for a perfect solution, just those that will reduce the number of these incidents and their lethality (I’m looking at you, 30 shot magazines). Traffic fatalities are about half of what they were in 1975 due to increased car safety, driver education and law enforcement. Seat belts for example, don’t save every life in every circumstance, but they have saved millions of lives since they have been required equipment. It would make no sense to repeal such initiatives just because they aren’t perfect or foolproof.

                    • Funny you should use seatbelts as an example, since they are not “required equipment” on school buses in Connecticut…

              • Tick tock, time is wasting, waiting for an answer to Mr. Gontar’s question.
                Or, maybe you’re at the store buying paper towels as a helpful solution?

          • Russell Gontar

            One more point. Sowell said that the central question was “Do tighter gun control laws reduce the murder rate…” but 2/3 of all gun deaths are due to suicide, not murder. The Giffords law center has complied a list of research that verifies tighter gun laws do indeed reduce gun violence:

  8. rhetorical caca…the kids keep dying

    • Thanks for sharing; how special.

      • Not sure if this is true, but you come across as a cold human being, like the octogenarian Sowell who believes children learn when feelings are left out of their education.

        • What does being an “octogenarian” have to do with anything?
          Not sure if this is true, but you come across as a gerontophobe…
          (yes, I had to look it up)

  9. Noise, noise, noise……
    These young people, who have lived through something horrific that none of you or your children have experienced, are intelligent, articulate, poised, brave, passionate & on point!!!! We should all be supporting & lifting them up! Shame on all of you for not doing so! When are you & your likeminded associates going to understand that it’s about guns – period! Ban all semi automatic weapons!!!! Get on board people – the media are not the enemy! Where would we be without the freedom provided by the FIRST amendment! Wake up!

  10. Lisa Marie Alter

    Kingston is a raging moron – interesting that CNN continues to use him to represent the GOP POV.

    How I handle Kingston’s idiocy on CNN ? I change the channel to MSNBC – and I tweet to @JackKingston & @CNNPolitics “Kingston’s a f*cking idiot #FireKingston.”

    Kingston actually belongs on FoxSpews, with the other liars and Rump sycophants.

    Meanwhile, these kids from MSD totally ROCK – they took down those pathetic NRA-paid whores (Rubio, and the rancid POS, Dana Loesch) with their truth, earnestness and directness…

    #IStandWithTheStudents (and Colleen Lane & Russell Gontar !)

    Lisa Marie Alter

    P.S. By the way, dunno ’bout the rest of you, but I’m still waiting for my check from Soros, for all the marches and protests. #RightWingNuts 🙄

  11. There is an endless World War within the country. Blame the history, set in stone. No wiggle room. Truly unique. Congratulations.

    • — to be clear, Congratulations to this generation of future leaders who will re-write the Constitution.

    • Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations, by Amy Chua… sounds like a good read.