2 Degrees Of Art Separation

As every Kevin Bacon fan knows, everyone in the world is connected by just 6 degrees of separation.

With a Westport connection, those degrees of separation are much closer.

Alert “06880” reader Evan Stein sends along a story that begins with Kate Burns-Howard and Scott Froschauer.

Before graduating from Staples High School, they had worked together at Fine Arts IV. Now Scott’s a Los Angeles-based artist, getting attention for works that use street signs to convey more useful instructions (like “Breathe” and “All We Have is Now”).

On Facebook, Kate reposted a story about a friend who was selling Scott’s art at a Palm Springs show. Kate mentioned Ann Sheffer in the post — probably because Ann is the mother of Kate’s good friend Emily Reich. And Ann (a longtime Westporter and proud Staples grad) now spends a lot of time in Palm Springs. And Ann is a noted art collector.

Turns out, Ann and her husband Bill Scheffler had already bought a piece in Scott’s show — but had no idea he’s from Westport, or that he knew their daughter and her friend.

Kevin Bacon would be proud.

Ann Sheffer and Bill Scheffler, with their new Scott Froschauer work..


6 responses to “2 Degrees Of Art Separation

  1. Thanks Dan! I’m glad you found out about this. I was blown away, because I found out that the piece had sold because of this Facebook post. I was fortunate enough to meet Ann yesterday and discovered that she is very involved with public art in Palm Springs. She bought another one of my pieces to put in a city park.

    It occurred to me that she might know someone on the Westport Arts Advisory Committee, because I’ve been looking to install some of my pieces around Westport. Turns out she was a founder of the Committee!

    Hopefully sometime soon you can do a write up about my art around town! Currently I have 20 pieces installed in Parks around Glendale,, CA and I’m in negotiations with Laguna Beach and Reno, NV. Next month I have three pieces in the “No Spectarors: The Art of Burning Man” show at the Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian in Washington DC.

    I’d love to have some work showing in my hometown!!

  2. Dan- Loved the article. I am not a Westporter but I signed up to see,what “degrees of seperation” might exist. I am an artist in VT and I installed one of my sculptures in Westport (across fro the old post office). I have been intriqued with Westport as an artist. Thanks for all the great articles.
    Michael Alon

  3. There is yet another Westport – Palm Springs connection…our eldest son, Stephen Wambach Staples grad 1996, is Executive Chef of the Rowan Springs Kimpton Hotel in downtown!

  4. Yes — we’ve eaten there! We introduced ourselves to your son at the ribbon cutting for the new hotel, and he couldn’t believe the connection — and the way we knew about him was through Kim Cooper 😎