Julia Marino: She’s Always Done It Her Way

Westport is justly proud of Julia Marino. Now — thanks to NBC Sports — the rest of the country knows why.

The network has given a shout-out to the Olympic snowboarder — and her family — in a widely viewed video.

She was interviewed, along with her parents John and Elaine, and sister Cece. Though her hometown was never mentioned, NBC showed clips of her riding her bike, trampolining, and at the beach.

The theme of the video was that Julia’s parents gave her a chance to take risks, dare and dream — in a “relatively safe environment.” For example, she was allowed to ride her scooter in the house (though other parents could not believe that was okay).

“She’s always done it her way,” Elaine says.

This weekend, Julia fell on her first slopestyle run. She was not alone: 41 of 50 athletes did the same. A controversy ensued over the wisdom of allowing the event to be held in high winds.

She finished 6th overall.

Next up: the big air event, next Sunday.

(Click here to see the full NBC Sports video. Hat tip: Kathie Bennewitz)

9 responses to “Julia Marino: She’s Always Done It Her Way

  1. John…. This is one of our Westport youngsters…..there had been hopes of her getting a second place but understand the wind out there was dangerous….some events had to be cancelled…

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  2. They did mention that she was from Westport Connecticut when she we were watching her compete.

    • Ellen Wentworth

      You are correct! I heard it to.

      • Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

        I heard it also and I was thrilled. Even though the conditions were less than ideal she gave it her best. Proud of you Julia. Can’t wait to see your next event…. Congratulations on your grace and ability to go forward.

  3. Great job Julia!

  4. I am so proud of Julia and Westport should put some Olympic flags around town to support her!

  5. Keep in mind that one of the on air people also lives in Westport.

  6. Matthew Mandell

    I thought this was a great piece they did on her and the family. These up close and personals can be anything but… but this one was well done and really gave us some insight into what and where in a person that drives them to succeed in such an activity. She was a daredevil from the start and her parents let her find herself.

    Time for Big Air and time for Jules to rule the skies.

  7. Way to go, Julia! Great piece and so much fun to cheer for her. Can’t wait for Big Air! And Compo Beach got some air time too!