World Admires Westport Blood Moon

This morning’s super blue blood moon drew admiring crowds up and down the East Coast. Plenty of folks headed to Compo Beach.

Many took pictures.

You or I would have posted them to our own Instagram account.

Famed Westport photographer Stephen Wilkes sent his to National Geographic.

They’ve got a lot more followers.

Which is why millions of people around the world now can share in Westport’s wonderful morning.

(Hat tip: Julie Rosemarin)


2 responses to “World Admires Westport Blood Moon

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Thanks for sharing this, Dan!

    I dragged myself out of my warm house in Trumbull, CT to get a glimpse of this moon, around 5am.

    Kept an eye on it until sunrise, and it was lovely!

    However, it never turned a warm glow, which I was looking forward to.

    Perhaps the fact that my property is about 500 feet above sea level affected the “luck of the light” angles? Just a guess. 😉

    • So lucky, Sharon! I forgot to set the clock and missed it!
      How many years until the next? Every sunrise is a midnight sun.