Pic Of The Day #288

Compo Beach, this morning (Photo/Heidi List-Murphy)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #288

  1. Pretty Heidi! Wonderful to see you name after so many years from Long Lots Lane!

  2. Patricia McMahon

    Love this Heidi.

  3. I look forward to your posts; your photography is stunning!

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  4. Heidi List- Murphy

    HA! Too Funny! I took this shot Early am Tuesday Jan.30th bc I dropped my 9 year old son at GFS for an early morning chorus class then headed back home. ALSO, this day, was the Birthday for my daughter who was turning 17. I thought it might be nice to drive through Compo in order to open my heart and thank my LUCKY STARS ⭐️!
    Today, I was back home. After 38 years of living in Newport, RI, once a veteran Compo lifeguard and now living back in Westport, I accepted a position as the Waterfront Director Assistant @ Compo Beach.
    Wow! My “old stomping beach ground.” Seriously, I am “crazy thankful” for my life! Plus the very special people who have made it possible for me to continue a successful road to health. Thank U to all my FAMILY, FRIENDS and Loved ones! My ❤️ Heart is forever Grateful!

    Always with a Song in my Heart,

    Heidi List Murphy 🙋🎹⛑

  5. Tom Feeley Sr

    Great foto‼️ Welcome back…What are the duties of a Waterfront Director? Seems like an odd job title.

  6. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Stunning picture.